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Dynamic Lady Eagles Ready for Test of ACC Tournament

Tonight at 6pm, Boston College (14-2) will play its first game against Syracuse (11-6) in the ACC Tournament.

After an almost flawless regular season, in which the Lady Eagles lost only to the likes of Duke and Virginia, the team is looking to make a statement in the ACC tournament. And considering five of the seven top-ranked teams in the country (according to’s most recent rankings) hail from the ACC, the statement the Lady Eagles can make is a big one.

If No. 3 Boston College is able to down No. 6 Syracuse, a team that ended BC’s postseason hopes last year in an 11-9 home win in the NCAA quarterfinals, the team will play either No. 7 Louisville or No. 2 Duke in the ACC semifinals tomorrow.

If the team can advance past Syracuse in the quarterfinals and Louisville or Duke in the semifinals, the Lady Eagles will play one of four possible teams—either No. 1 North Carolina, No. 8 Virginia Tech, No. 5 Notre Dame, or No. 4 Virginia—in the ACC finals.

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After an exceptional regular season, the ACC tournament will prove to be a perfect test for the Lady Eagles—a test that will not make or break the Lady Eagles’ season, but can certainly bolster or hinder their seeding in an all-important NCAA tournament.

And though the Lady Eagles, as previously mentioned, boast an impressive record after a laudable regular season, the Lady Eagles’ Achilles heel has been playing against ACC teams.

After all, both Louisville and North Carolina took the Lady Eagles to overtime this season, though the Lady Eagles emerged triumphant in both games. The Lady Eagles didn’t however, have such luck with both Virginia and Duke—the only two teams that were able to blemish the Lady Eagles’ regular-season record.

As many SuperFans have seen with the case of the BC women’s hockey team earlier this year, even the most promising regular seasons can end in postseason disappointments. Sure, it certainly doesn’t hurt to do well in the regular season—it can even help with seeding in postseason endeavors.

However, each game is, for the most part, an independent event. So basically, having a great regular season under its belt does not give the BC women’s lacrosse team a ticket to rest on its laurels. The team should, as it has all year long, come out firing on all cylinders—especially when the stakes are highest, as they will be in the NCAA tournament next month.

But for now, let’s think of the ACC tournament as an intermediate step between the regular season and the NCAA tournament. Will performing poorly in this tournament destroy the Lady Eagles’ season? Absolutely not. Will doing well in this tournament help the Lady Eagles in the NCAA tournament? It most definitely could.

Everything isn’t on the line—yet. But the Lady Eagles should play with the same zeal and passion with which they have played all season long. If they do, they could put themselves in a very favorable position when the NCAA tournament rolls around—and they might just prove something along the way.

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