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Club Volleyball Takes BC Spirit to Nationals

Earlier this month, the Boston College men’s and women’s club volleyball teams traveled to Kansas City, Missouri to compete at the NCVF National Championship Tournament. I, and the other members of the teams, felt privileged to represent Boston College Club Sports.

Joining a “club” may seem to imply a casual, infrequent, lenient experience. However, a club sport at Boston College means much more than just keeping up a hobby. The Club Sports program proudly promises a competitive experience for former successful high school athletes.

A “non-athlete” at Boston College was oftentimes an athlete at one point in his or her life. Boston College is an appealing choice for incoming students for many reasons, two large ones being the remarkable academics and the competitive Division I sports. These motives leave an interesting gray area of non-recruited Boston College perspective students.

As a non-recruited athlete, you still might choose Boston College because you value BC’s academics over other schools where you may have been able to continue playing your sport at the collegiate level. There are also non-recruited athletes who love sports and are willing to be an eagle so that they can be a supporter of BC athletics. All in all, these circumstances mean that Boston College is full of astoundingly athletic non-athletes.

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The Boston College Club Sports program is an amazing outlet for students in this position. You are able to continue your sport at a competitive level without it being a factor in your overall collegiate experience. As the program through BC Rec promises, the BC club teams exhibit the “excellence, good sportsmanship, and leadership,” which are important qualities that competitors strive for in their athletic goals and endeavors.

Some BC club sports teams have coaches and some do not; either way, all the teams are run by the players and focused on student involvement. The women’s volleyball team, for example, does not have a coach. At nationals, all players received playing time and coached each other. It is truly a community of players.

In Kansas City, the Boston College club volleyball teams felt this sense of community spread between all of the other club teams in attendance. Teams played side-by-side as all of the courts of the entire national tournament were inside one gigantic room in the Kansas City Convention Center. Imagine volleyball courts spread out farther than the eye can see.

During off time, players would cheer for random teams that they came across, even if that team was from the other side of the country. Members from almost every men’s team made sure that their appearance had charm: from blue hair to mohawks to even blue mohawks. Everyone was driven to show that while they are here to compete, they also are going to have fun.

The tournament was a nation-wide gathering of competitive, friendly athletes who are still playing volleyball at this point in their lives for one reason: because they love it. For this group of people, being a part of a club sports is a source of pride.

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