Opinion: The Arts at BC Should Be Celebrated All Year

Yesterday marked the last day of Boston College’s Arts Festival 2015, an opportunity for the artists of Boston College to showcase their talents and for the less artistically-inclined to appreciate and celebrate the arts at BC. Some students live for Arts Fest, and I know one person (now graduated) who actually decided not to complete his transfer application because of a poetry reading he saw his freshman year.

The BC community is artistic, but that’s not always what comes to mind when people are asked to imagine the average BC student. In reality, these talents can feel “hidden” and they only come out and really shine when Arts Fest rolls around.

It’s the one week of the year where the arts really shine at Boston College—but what about the rest of the academic year? Can BC do more support the arts?

Photo courtesy of Boston College Arts Council / Facebook

Photo courtesy of Boston College Arts Council / Facebook

The answer, of course, is yes. But let’s first examine the role of the arts in student culture.

The annual AHANA Showdown, for example, sells out year after year, bringing in thousands of dollars in revenue for the organization and presenting the winner of the dance-off with a hefty check to donate to the charity organization of their choice.

Showdown is a staple of BC culture, and so are events like Acappella Fest that showcase many different groups doing what they do best.

So, what’s next? Imagine a spoken word contest that sells out as quickly as Showdown or a student-run film festival that showcases independent student productions. It’s possible, and student organizations have the power to make it happen. Collaborations of student organizations can be powerful, and can revitalize students’ excitement about and involvement in the arts, which is something that BC culture needs.

Arts Fest is one amazing way to showcase the talents at BC, but we shouldn’t limit our support of the arts to one week of the year, at the end of the year. Let’s start celebrating the arts early and often. BC will never be an arts school, but it can be a school that celebrates and supports the arts (and artists).

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