ACC Tournament Loss is Not End of Road for Lady Eagles

Last Thursday, the Boston College women’s lacrosse team faced Syracuse in a double-overtime thriller that ended in heartbreak for the Lady Eagles. The game kicked off with the Lady Big Orange dominating the field. The score quickly climbed to 5-0 before the Lady Eagles finally got on the board at the 17-minute mark.

The Lady Eagles began to gain momentum with a Kenzie Kent goal. Both Sarah Mannelly -- who subsequently scored five goals -- and Kenzie Kent -- who tallied an additional goal -- kept the Lady Eagles in the game. After Mannelly’s last goal, the score tallied 9-8, but Syracuse answered immediately.

After two more BC goals to tie it up, the game ended with Syracuse and Kent trading goals until the clock ran out. This was Kent’s second straight game scoring five times and Mannelly’s ninth game this season with three goals or more. The game ended in the second period of sudden death overtime with a Syracuse win.

This was only the Lady Eagles' third loss of the season, having beaten Syracuse in the regular season and having lost to ACC rivals Duke and Virginia. Despite such a strong season, the strength of the ACC means that the Lady Eagles are currently ranked 7th in the country and 5th in the ACC division. Before the loss, the team was ranked third in the ACC.

This may seem like a bad sign for BC's prospects in the NCAA tournament, but there is still hope. Despite this painful Syracuse loss last week, BC still has a chance. There area few definite obstacles to a championship title, including an undefeated No. 1 Maryland defending its title and four ACC teams ranked higher than BC, including No. 2 North Carolina.

However, this team has proven that it is strong and it is full of fighters. Yes, the loss to Syracuse was tough to swallow, but this wasn’t a stunning upset. Syracuse has always had a great program—certainly not to be underestimated. And the Lady Eagles could have won if they hadn’t dug such a big hole for themselves in the first period.

Additionally, this Boston College team has beaten the current No. 2 team and only lost by a small margin of two goals in its loss to UVA. The only true routing was against Duke, with a 13-8 final score. Even there, this team has proven it has enough skill to win in another matchup.

It will be tough, but this is an excellent team that could pull together a string of wins when everything is on the line. No one expected previously No. 6 Syracuse to win the ACC title after a 14-6 season, yet here we are. It would have been amazing to win the ACC tournament, but losing does not preclude having a fighting chance in the NCAA tournament.

This is a team to watch.

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