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Highs & Lows on the Heights: A Year in Review

With finals week almost upon us, the 2014-2015 academic year at Boston College is drawing to a close. Let’s take a look back at some of most memorable moments from the past year, both high and low.


1. The renovation of St. Mary’s Hall

The renovation of St. Mary’s, the home of BC’s Jesuits, was a two-year project --and a very loud one at that. The noises of construction woke up residents of nearby dorms, such as Voute and Iggy, in the early hours of the morning throughout the Fall. Luckily, the renovation was finished before students returned for the Spring semester, but the bright lights lining Linden Lane still shine through their windows all night to disturb the residents.

2. Losing the New England Classic

The New England Classic was a classic for a reason, as one of the most popular paninis at Hillside. However, when BC’s supplier of cranberry apple bread closed their doors, it meant the loss of the New England Classic as we know it. Hillside has tried to improvise by mixing cranberry sauce with honey mustard, but it just isn’t the same.

3. An overtime loss at the Pinstripe Bowl

The BC football team played Penn State in Yankee Stadium for the December Pinstripe Bowl and suffered a disappointing loss. The game came down to overtime in which BC scored a crucial touchdown but missed the extra point. Penn State’s following touchdown led to their 31-30 victory. A win would have been BC’s first bowl win since 2007.

4. Terrible weather

This winter, Boston broke its all-time record for snowiest season with a whopping 110.6 inches of snow. Thanks to the tireless efforts of BC maintenance workers, students weren’t too inconvenienced by the snow but still had to face freezing temperatures, sub-zero wind chill and a crippled T-service. The snow finally melted, but the bad weather didn’t end there. After three years in a row of sun and warmth on Marathon Monday, the rain and cold temperatures on Marathon Monday 2015 were disappointing.

5. The closing of the CTRC

This past summer, BC closed the CTRC Computing Lab on the second floor of O’Neill, taking with it a valuable asset here on campus: printers. The former printing station had at least five computers and three printers. Although the line was often long before class, it was nothing compared to the lines at the printers on the first and third floors of O’Neill that students now must use on their way to class, especially considering that at least one computer or printer always seems to be broken.

Bianca Dempsey / Gavel Media


1. Beating USC

 BC beat the No. 9 ranked University of Southern California football team 37-31 in September at the Red Bandana game. Students wearing red bandanas in honor of Welles Remy Crowther stormed the field in celebration at the end of the game, ecstatic over BC’s first victory over a top ten team in a decade.

2. The Campus School Marathon 

After the Boston Marathon 2013 bombing, security tightened so that unregistered “bandit” runners could no longer run the marathon. Prior to the bombing, over 200 BC students unofficially ran the marathon in support of the BC Campus School. Now, there are dedicated BC runners who run on “Marathon Sunday” to raise money for the Campus School. On April 12th, the second annual Marathon Sunday runners braved traffic as they ran the marathon course and were cheered on at Mile 21 by their fellow students.

Photo courtesy of Boston College Campus School Bandit Marathon / Facebook

3. Relay for Life 

Over 1,500 students participated in BC’s annual Relay for Life in March and raised over $155,000. BC has participated in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life event held on campus for the past eight years, and this year reached the $1-million mark in total donations.

4. Snow days

Although the winter weather was harsh, the positive trade-off was the five snow days students were granted. Not every student had to check their phone to know when class had been cancelled because the sounds of cheering resounded throughout the residence halls as soon as it was announced. Students used the days off to enjoy Mod-lot snowball fights and sledding on Brighton Campus.

5. Women’s Hockey

 The BC Women’s hockey team had a phenomenal season, finishing the regular season with a 30-1-2 record. This hockey team is BC’s best ever women’s hockey team. Although they lost to Harvard in the NCAA semi-finals in Minneapolis, their amazing season still solidified their place as one of the best teams in the nation and in BC’s entire athletic history.

Photo courtesy of Boston College Athletics / Facebook

From renovations to snow days to athletic losses and victories, it’s been, as always, an exciting year on the Heights. Many students will say goodbye in a few weeks, but BC’s returning students and incoming freshmen alike are guaranteed to have another exciting year's start in the Fall.

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