New Class Councils System to Debut in the Fall, Promote Class Unity

When Boston College students return for classes in the fall, they’ll be greeted by their new Class Council co-chairmen as part of a new program intended to foster class unity, pride and identity.

Unique to each year, each Class Council’s mission is to increase opportunities for involvement and service, as well as social interaction among classmates. They will create traditions unique to each class and organize a class gift upon graduation to be bestowed to BC.

The application for the leadership team of each class involved filming a two-minute video answering the question, “Why do you want to want to be a part of Class Councils at Boston College, and in what ways will you contribute to establishing and defining your Class Council in its first year?” Applicants were informed via e-mail of whether they had been accepted, with eight positions available for each class.

While there will be leadership positions per class, all students in the year will be considered members of their Class Council. “The individual Class Councils extend membership to every student at Boston College, and offer a wide array of involvement opportunities to anyone who wishes to be engaged in class events and initiatives,” said Kyndra Angell, Assistant Director of the Office of Student Involvement.

Kara Weeks / Gavel Media

Kara Weeks / Gavel Media

“The Class Councils will provide an avenue for students to establish and participate in new traditions, while leaving lasting imprints on the entire Boston College community.”

Each Class Council will be advised by the Office of Student Involvement (OSI) and one other campus partner, working together to achieve individual class goals. The freshman council will focus on forming a community with which to welcome the incoming class while offering plenty of chances for involvement, while the sophomore council concentrates on supporting classmates during a year that is often forgotten. The junior council will prepare its students for professional and personal prospects, and the senior council will, of course, ready the senior class as they ready themselves to become alumni.

The common goal, however, is to build a class identity unique to each year.

The Class Councils will operate differently from the Campus Activities Board and UGBC, in that they will focus on individual class years as opposed to the overarching BC community, with their purpose being instilling traditions and organizing programming instead of undergraduate advocacy and policy.

Still in its development stages, the Class Councils program will be formally introduced to the BC community in the fall.

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