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City Council Hosts Hearing on LGBTQ-Friendly Affordable Housing

On Thursday, May 7, the Boston City Council convened in Ianella Chamber, City Hall to assess the issue of LGBTQ housing. As per a media release, “Councilor Josh Zakim will chair a hearing of the City Council's Committee on Human & Civil Rights to examine the rising issue of LGBT housing discrimination, particularly amongst the City's senior population.”

The LGBTQ population of the United States has faced a difficult battle in the real estate market for some time. Discrimination in housing poses a serious challenge and takes shape in many ways. People have been discriminated against while shopping for real estate or have been prevented from listing both names as a couple on insurance policy. The Human Rights Campaign has been addressing these types of discrimination issues on a national level but now the city of Boston is attempting to confront the issue within the community.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The hearing over this contentious issue falls in line with the sentiments against discrimination among Boston College students. Many have recently voiced their displeasure with the university for failing to properly accommodate students. Students and alumni have initiated a campaign to call attention to the lack of resources for LGBTQ students and plan to withhold donations to the university until a LGBTQ resource center is established.

Members of both the campus and city are vying for proper housing of LGBTQ members and addressing issues of discrimination. In the Hub a positive step has been taken, as “leaders of Boston's LGBT community, as well as City officials from the Department of Neighborhood Development and the Office of Fair Housing & Equity, will attend and testify,” said Daniel Sibor, Chief of Staff in the office of Councilor Josh Zakim. At Boston College, the question continues to loom large.

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