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Take Your Boston Summer Plans to New Heights

With the school year at a close and commencement already behind us, most Boston College Eagles have spread their wings and flown home. However, there are a lucky few who will spend their summer in the Boston area working, volunteering and interning at BC or in the city.

Even if you think you might just be coming up to Boston for a visit, summer is the perfect time to explore the city and take advantage of all it has to offer. Here are a few ideas for anyone who wants to make the most of our beautiful city this summer.

Free Fun Fridays

Photo courtesy of Flickr / historygradguy

Photo courtesy of Flickr / historygradguy

For 10 weeks of the summer starting June 26, the Highland Street Foundation provides Free Fun Fridays, a summer program that provides access to 70 museums, art centers, zoos and cultural institutions, completely free-of-charge. This program runs through the last Friday in August.

This year is the 27th anniversary of the Highland Street Foundation, and they have grown since their first year of partnering with only 10 institutions. Each Friday, there will be a different list of institutions that will have the free admission.

While some of the attractions are more adult-based, there are many activities for younger kids. So take your younger siblings, the kids you nanny, or some kid from your neighborhood and use them as an excuse to check out some awesome new places around our beloved Boston.

Highlights include the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area, the Franklin Park Zoo, the Boston Children’s Museum, the MFA, Commonwealth Shakespeare Company and the USS Constitution. The full list of museums and attractions can be found here.

Food Attractions

From burgers to gelato, Boston has it all. After a long day at work or summer classes, unwind with some fabulous food in the Boston area.

Photo courtesy of Facebook / Alive and Kicking

Photo courtesy of Facebook / Alive and Kicking

Missing your southern roots (or trying to be a southern belle)? You can find some Southern comfort food at Estelle’s in the South End. From buttermilk-fried pickles to southern nachos to Cajun cornmeal crusted catfish to of course, BBQ, this restaurant is sure to satisfy any southern cravings, without the forever-long car ride.

If you’re not loving the comfort of the South, that’s okay too. Try out a classic New England meal at Alive and Kicking, in Cambridge. Tucked away on a quiet side street, this restaurant puts your beloved lobster between two beautifully buttered pieces of toast: a perfect New England summer staple.

Not only does this place have lobster sandwiches (not lobster rolls), they have plenty of other seafood to satisfy your taste buds: fresh fish to steamers to a classic cooked lobster. They also offer different chowders and bisques every day, ranging from shrimp and roasted corn chowder to lobster bisque.

Photo courtesy of Facebook / Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar

Photo courtesy of Facebook / Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar

Top off this experience with some of their house sodas, with unique flavors such as Raspberry Lime, Black Cherry and Sarsaparilla.

If seafood is not your cup of tea, unlimited tacos must be something that will get you excited. Every Monday at Lolita Cocina and Tequila Bar in downtown Boston, they host all-you-can-eat hard shells from $9 accompanied by their house hot sauce and salsas from 5 to 11 pm. After a hard Monday, why not a have a hard shell?

Besides these tasty nachos, try some of the more unique Mexican food on their menu. For appetizers, Lolita’s has blackened shrimp queso and lobster enchiladas (in case you missed out on the lobster sandwiches). This restaurant has all that someone could be looking for to satisfy their Mexican food cravings and more.

Sports and Athletics

Boston is chock-full of events and happenings and sometimes it can be truly overwhelming deciding where to actually go or what is cheapest. Here are a few options for someone active who wants to head out to a game, or give a new sport a try.

Photo courtesy of Facebook / New England Revolution

Photo courtesy of Facebook / New England Revolution

Did you think Gillette Stadium was just for the New England Patriots football team? Well, it is also the home of the MLS’s New England Revolution soccer team.

Rekindle those World Cup memories by heading to a Major League Soccer game right here at Gillette Stadium. The Revolution will be featuring U.S. player Jermaine Jones, a 2014 World Cup star. The best part about their games is that you never have to worry about a sellout and you can easily score game day tickets.

If soccer isn’t your forte, the grand ol’ ball game must be. Why not rep your home team, the Boston Red Sox, this summer? While Boston may only be your home for four years, the Red Sox play teams from across the nation, so you could potentially just cheer for your hometown team instead.

There are two ways to steal the best--and cheapest--tickets to a Red Sox game. The first is to buy standing-room tickets and then snag a seat after the game starts. Or, the other way is to pick your game on StubHub, wait as close to the first pitch as you can bear, swoop in and buy a ticket, and then stroll into the game with close-to-free tickets.

Photo courtesy of Facebook / Boston Rock Gym

Photo courtesy of Facebook / Boston Rock Gym

“Ever Rising to New Heights” is it? If organized sports aren’t exactly what you are looking for, no fear. Why not learn to climb? Boston Rock Gym is the perfect place for you to go to learn. This gym is the oldest rock gym on the East Coast, and the second oldest in the country.

A day pass and gear is less than $25--not too bad for all the fun--and not to mention the strength training that will ensue. If you’re from Colorado or you just want to try something new, a rock gym is a great place conquer fears and take yourself to new heights.

From rock climbing to stuffing your face with tacos, there is something for everyone in Boston. Whether you are staying in Boston for the summer, or you plan to come up for a few days, Boston is chock-full of options that to cater any age, especially college students.

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