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New Artist Profile: Why is the Club going up? It's a Tuesday. Who is ILoveMakonnen anyway?

What do a Molly dealer, a licensed cosmetologist and a Myspace blogger all have in common? Well... nothing really, other than the fact that these are all titles that apply to new rap superstar ILoveMakonnen. You probably have heard him before, his trap-songbird voice echos out of at least one Mod a weeknight, as his Platinum hit "Tuesday" featuring Drake finally gave weeknight partying an anthem a little under a year ago.

Obviously, ILoveMakonnen isn't his real name, but Makonnen is. Born in Los Angeles 25 short years ago, to parents of mixed race, claiming African, Indian, Belgian, Irish, German and Chinese heritage, Makonnen Sheran takes his name from the last name of the final Ethiopian monarchy, not because he is Ethiopian, but because his mother just liked the name. His mother, a cosmotologist by trade, moved with him across the country to Atlanta when he was just 13, where he let the dirty rap style of the south consume him. He crafted beat after beat, dreaming that Young Jeezy, his ATL hip-hop idol, would one day grace him with a verse. But that day never came. In highschool, Makonnen fell into a bit of trouble with the law, which led to his punishment of house arrest until 2009. It was then, stuck in his room with a Gateway computer and his dog, that he found the confidence to lay down some lyrics on his own beats. By combining the influence of the trap lords of his city, such as Migos, Ludacris and Lil B, with his love for the rock music he experienced in LA (some of his favorites include the Killers, the Black Lips and the Beach Boys) and a brutal honesty that gave his listeners an intimate look into his life, ILoveMakonnen stood out like a beacon against the overcrowded, monochromatic Trap music scene. The first call he got from a producer was from Mike Will (of "Mike Will Made It" fame), and from then on, the momentum has not stopped.

While his music may not be the instant hits we have come to expect from the hip hop scene, ILoveMakkonen isn't trying to be your Trap Queen. Makkonen's newest tracks keep up with his theme of honesty. The mean girls, the drug busts and the embarrassments you hear on his tracks are all real, and that's what makes his music so interesting. There is no better entertainment than the truth, and Makonnen Sheran has escaped his trap-house-arrest to share his truth with us. Catch him on his tour this summer, including his appearance on the Red Stage at the upcoming spring itteration of Boston Calling, May 22-24th.

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This bio is dedicated to all the teachers that told me
I'd never amount to nothin', to all the people that lived above the
buildings that I was hustlin' in front of that called the police on
me when I was just tryin' to make some money to feed my daughter, it's all good baby baby