Inside Amy Schumer’s Best Sketches

Amy Schumer, simply put, is amazing. She’s gone from niche stand-up comedian to star of her own hysterical sketch show on Comedy Central, Inside Amy Schumer, to now upcoming movie star. In anticipation of next month’s release of Trainwreck, we have compiled a list of a few (but certainly not all) of the funniest sketches to appear on her TV show. Hopefully this list provides ample evidence for why Amy Schumer should be your spirit animal. Note: some of these are very NSFW; you’ve been warned.

Football Town Nights

Part of what makes Schumer so effective is how she can so effortlessly skewer hot-button issues. Rape is pretty damn hard to joke about (since it’s, well, rape), but the sketch satirizes rape culture in such an effective, hyperbolic way that it is able to walk the tight rope of humor and controversy.

Sex Tips

Have you ever been tempted to buy one of those glamour/trash magazines in the checkout aisle at Safeway to see the top 69 sex tips to ignite your love life? You haven’t? Yeah, uh, me either. Anyways, these are what I imagine the sex tips looking like. The only thing that wasn’t believable about the sketch was that 2,000 men sued the magazine. Pretty sure it’d be closer to 5,000.

The Universe

“That just makes no fucking sense! That’s just bullshit!” Full disclosure: I will love anything with Bill Nye in it. Bill Nye could tell me I have a terminal illness, and I’d be OK with it. Therefore, Bill Nye explaining that the universe’s purpose is to communicate to white women is a life highlight.

I’m So Bad

This one might be the greatest, solely due to the circumstances in which they were eating their food. One was cyberbullying her niece on Instagram, one melted her gerbil to hear what sound it would make and one took her boyfriend to the restaurant where he was molested and he left crying. They’re so bad.

Milk Milk Lemonade

It’s only appropriate to end on the sketch with the most views on YouTube. It simultaneously makes me laugh and also ruins the childhood poem it parodies. Plus, it features Method Man and Amber Rose. And it makes you confront the current sexualization of butts in an anatomical way! She really is amazing.

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