Examining BC's Unlikely Matchups Next Season

The Boston College football team will play its first game in 48 days—but who’s counting?

And though the team has a lot of question marks and things to figure out in the next month and a half, we have known for a while what next season is going to look like—in terms of opponents—for the Boston College Eagles.

This fall, SuperFans can expect to see their beloved Eagles play some familiar teams—Florida State, Duke, Wake Forest, Clemson, Louisville, Virginia Tech, NC State and Syracuse.

Though not drastically different from last season’s schedule, this season will feature a few unlikely matchups.



The first atypical matchup is against Howard. A member of the relatively obscure Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference, the Washington D.C.-based team had an overall record of 5-7 last season.

Screenshot courtesy of HowardU/ twitter.

Screenshot courtesy of HowardU/ twitter

After a worrisome 1-7 start last season, the team won its last four games against equally obscure teams to finish with a respectable record. However, the team will look to make a statement against some bigger-name teams next season, but should not be much of a challenge for the Eagles.




Northern Illinois

The second odd matchup is against Northern Illinois. Though not particularly well known, this Mid-American Conference team is an under-the-radar football powerhouse.

Screenshot courtesy of NIU_Football/ twitter.

Screenshot courtesy of NIU_Football/ twitter

With an 11-3 record last year, the team took down far bigger-name schools, like Kent State, Ohio University, and Northwestern. This team often packs a heavy punch and consistently has a talented group of players (most notable is Jordan Lynch, a Heisman finalist who finished one spot above Andre Williams in the 2013 Heisman voting and who now plays in the CFL).




Notre Dame

The last unlikely matchup is against Notre Dame. This matchup isn’t unlikely per se, but it is a matchup that SuperFans have not seen since November of 2012.

Screenshot Courtesy of http://fidm.nd.edu/.

Screenshot Courtesy of http://fidm.nd.edu/

This “rival game” (though some would convincingly argue it is not really a rival game) will likely be one of BC’s toughest next year. Notre Dame, a team that finished with an 8-5 record last season, will be a well-rounded and formidable opponent.

The Eagles will likely hold up well in the first half, but in order to win, the Eagles need to have enough depth to compete for the entire game.

The Boston College Eagles will take on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish at Fenway Park on November 21, 2015 in the Eagles’ biggest game of the year.



All in all, these odd matchups will all be pivotal. Since the regular season consists of only 12 games, these 3 games will be 25% of the Eagles’ regular season.

Hence, three games could theoretically be the difference between a 6-6 record and a 9-3 record.

So just because the Eagles are not accustomed to playing these teams does not mean that they should write them off. But the Eagles know that, and they also know that every game is going to matter in the 2015-2016 season.

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