Lana Del Rey Keeps Up the Summer Heat with Enchanting New Singles

“All I wanna do is get high by the beach. Get high baby, baby, bye bye.”

Photo courtesy of Tumblr

Contrary to her lyrics, Lana Del Rey has had her head anywhere but up-in-the-clouds this summer. Riding the success of 2014’s Ultraviolence, the artist has kept busy performing her Endless Summer Tour. Despite her previous reputation for lackluster performances,  Del Rey enchanted 27 lucky crowds all across the nation with emotive, authentic performances over a span of two months.

In her “free time,” Lana Del Rey has been teasing fans via social media with a few tracks from her upcoming album, Honeymoon. The title track, “Honeymoon,” was dropped on Twitter in mid-July and succeeded by “High by the Beach.”  Del Rey used a simple Instagram  caption (“September 18th.”) alongside a snapshot of her billboard to confirm the release date of her fourth studio album.

Photo courtesy of Tumblr

If the sound of her first two releases can be any indication, Honeymoon will be loaded with the elusive lyrics, airy coos and vocal explorations that Lana fans crave. The new singles may inspire nostalgia for Del Rey’s popular tracks “Off to the Races,” “Shades of Cool” and “Old Money” upon first listen, but promise a fresh sound from the artist. As fans know, Lana’s work always feels familiar yet somehow unpredictable, her particular elegance seems to leave its distinct mark on whatever she touches, and she has not failed to evolve as an artist.

“[Honeymoon] explores a sound close to the golden age of jazz,” Lana Del Rey said of the imminent album’s direction. While the self-described sound is certainly an undertone of Del Rey’s music, critics have also made out the singer’s style has subtle influences of grunge, sadcore and psychedelic rock.

Genre labeling aside, Del Rey’s sultry aesthetic and stirring music are undoubtedly enticing. With hype growing each week, Honeymoon promises to validate Lana Del Rey’s spot in the top ten female artists streamed on Spotify this year. The September album release may still be a few weeks away, but in the meantime at least “we could cruise to the blues” with Del Rey’s summer releases.

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