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Starbucks Coffee Comes to Mac

Miranda Richard / Gavel Media

Miranda Richard / Gavel Media

Students will no longer have to trek to Cleveland Circle for a Frappuccino or a pumpkin spice latte. BC Dining confirms via Twitter that, starting this semester, Starbucks coffee drinks will be available at the On the Fly location in McElroy Commons.

A Resident Assistant, present at today's BC Dining training presentation to RAs, tells the Gavel that Starbucks drinks will not be covered by the mandatory meal plan, but can be paid for with the Flex Plan or with Eagle Bucks.

In addition to the Starbucks announcement, Elizabeth Emery, Director of Dining Services, tells the Gavel that other improvements will delight students this year. A freshly-painted Eagle's Nest will serve hot and cold subs in the new "Sub It" section. New "Test Kitchen" menu items like tapas at Stuart and kim chi quesadillas will be available for students to try and give feedback.

Addie's will begin offering more breakfast options, including smoothies, açai bowls, hot breakfast wraps, a fresh oatmeal bar and fruit iced teas. And Lower will have flatbread salads and more at the new "Grain Bar" section.

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