BC Packing List

It’s almost time to pack everything up and head to Boston College. Chances are, you know the basics of what you’ll need in your dorm room already. Maybe you're wondering exactly how you’ll fit everything into one car; sometimes it just takes a little creative geometry. While you’re checking your list for the millionth time, consider making room in your car for these last minute items:

  1. Slippers: Socks can normally serve the same function as slippers, keeping your feet cozy when you’re indoors. However, slippers are essential when you have a hall-style bathroom. Wearing only socks into a hall bathroom is a non-option because the floor is almost always wet. Slippers will save you from constantly having to put on closed toed shoes or, worse, from rocking flip flops and socks. No one can rock flip flops and socks.
  2. Airborne/Emergen-C: Oh, you’re not feeling sick? Give it two weeks (joking, kind of). In all seriousness though, living in close proximity with so many people breeds some nasty germs. You’ll be exposed to illnesses you’ve never even heard of. For instance, last year hand, foot and mouth disease, a viral infection that usually affects children under 5, struck many BC students. Even if you’ve got a killer immune system and haven’t been sick since that one time in third grade, you’re going to at least get a nasty cold at some point, so do yourself a favor and stock up on some things to help you ward off infections.
  3. A Door Stop: Here’s something you don’t see in the college drop-off scenes in movies: a door that swings shut as soon as you let it go. That’s the kind of door you’ll be getting at BC, so invest in a little wedge called a door stop. The first few months especially, you’ll want to keep your door open so that people feel welcome to wander in.
  4. A Velcro Towel: No one gets dressed in the hall bathroom. Fact. That means you’ll be walking from the bathroom to your room in a towel. With a Velcro towel, you can wave to your hall mates without also flashing them, and it makes punching in your room code a lot easier.
  5. Food That Helps You Make Friends: As you get to know the people living on your floor, it can really help to have some good snacks. Popcorn, pretzels and M&Ms tend to be crowd pleasers. If people on your floor know you have killer snacks, they’re going to head to your room. This can be a great opportunity to get to know some of the people you are living with and make new friends.
  6. A Frisbee: Here’s one the college movies got right. People really are down to toss a frisbee when the weather is right. Start up a game in the quad, and don’t be surprised when you’ve got people you don’t even know calling for the disc.

Finally, take a deep breath, and pack another one in your bag for later. You’re going to forget things, and that’s okay. There will be plenty of opportunities for subsequent Target runs, and sometimes sharing a few things with your roomie is just the thing you need to break the ice.

Loves writing about the little things that color campus