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7 Pro Tips For Navigating the Student Involvement Fair (Anxiety-Free)

On Friday, for the first time, hundreds of dazed freshmen will tumble through the labyrinth of multicolored, banner-adorned booths we call the Student Involvement Fair. Club members who seemingly draw their tactics from mall perfume salespeople will force fliers into the hands of recruits all the while assuring them that, yes, they can sing and dance.

Photo courtesy of BC Full Swing / Facebook

Photo courtesy of BC Full Swing / Facebook

And while this hugely overwhelming festival sounds like the worst nightmare of anyone with a basic desire for personal space, at Boston College--a school with no fraternities or sororities--it is crucial. Clubs and activities are the spices that will season your experience here at BC and make it, well, your own.

An amusing and klutzy foray into swing dancing could be the exactly the break from schoolwork needed at the end of a hard day (plus a much needed dose of 1920s nostalgia), or a political debate group could ignite a passion for human rights you’d yet to discover in yourself.

The Student Involvement Fair is the launchpad for a BC experience that’s true to you, so here are 7 essential tips for navigating the festivities and leaping into extracurricular life here at BC.

  1. Take a flier from every organization you may be even vaguely interested in; you can sift through them later to prioritize which ones interest you the most in retrospect.
  2. Don’t feel like joining a club requires you to be all in or entirely out; some clubs you may find yourself investing more seriously in & attending every week, while others you drop in on when you find the time. Of course, performance groups require regular attendance and more intense commitment, but many of the political and activism clubs welcome anyone with a desire to engage in discussion and voice an opinion.
  3. Email club leaders and barrage them with any and all questions you have about the organization. After all, they know their organization the best, and can help you get a more authentic sense of the club’s purpose and how you could fit into it.
  4. Go to a meeting (even if it’s not the official first meeting of the year) whether or not one of your friends or someone from your floor is willing to go with you. Avoid the temptation to follow the crowd and instead seek out new communities filled with people passionate about things that interest you. These friendships will often be more genuine than those you form solely out of convenience.
  5. Photo courtesy of My Mother's Fleabag / Facebook

    Photo courtesy of My Mother's Fleabag / Facebook

    Try at least one thing that’s really out of your comfort zone. If you played sports throughout high school and already know that you have an affinity for them, dare yourself to audition for on of BC’s many comedy groups. You may discover that always being the class clown is a real talent after all.

  6. In the next few weeks, in addition to the Student Involvement Fair, there will be a volunteer fair for service organizations, so don’t overwhelm your schedule with clubs when there are still more campus groups to explore. Additionally, throughout the year the Plex offers intramural sports, which can be a fun and casual way to leap into a new sport with a group of friends regardless of your athletic ability.
  7. Most importantly, be sure you stop by the Gavel table to say hi. And, hey, you might even feel compelled to put your name on our email list.
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