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Sing and Dance At BC: A Comprehensive 2015 Audition Schedule

It’s finally that season once again. No, not football season: audition season.

The Student Involvement Fair has come and gone. Each freshman easily gets enough quarter sheet handouts from clubs to line the walls of a Gonzaga forced triple, but the next step is to act upon those slips.

For vocalists and dancers, auditions are required for most groups, and if an unsuspecting freshman forgets the time or location of their desired group, a year of waiting is going to put their freshman year goals to shame.

Avoid missing an audition or showing up on the wrong floor of the wrong building with the help of this handy dandy guide. (Please note: This is in no way representative of all of the singing/dancing groups here on campus, however it covers the vast majority.)

Photo courtesy of The Bostonians of Boston College / Facebook

Photo courtesy of The Bostonians of Boston College / Facebook



Sunday, September 6th: 12-3pm @ Newton Law School East Wing Room 100

Sunday, September 6th: 4-7pm @ Lyons 202

Monday, September 7th: 1-6pm @ O'Connell House

Tuesday, September 8th: 2-5pm @ O'Connell House


Against the Current

Saturday, September 5th: 10am-12pm @ Keyes North Lounge, 1pm-5pm @ Gasson 305

Sunday, September 6th: 3-7pm @ O’Connell House 103



Sunday, September 6th: 12-3pm @ Keyes North Lounge and 3:30-5:30pm @ Lyons Basement

Monday, September 7th: 2-5pm @ Lyons Basement

Tuesday, September 8th: 1-4pm @ Lyons Basement


The University Chorale of Boston College

September 6th-9th: 2-6pm @ Lyons Hall 426

Main Website

The Boston College Dynamics

Sunday, September 6th: 12-4pm @ Newton Campus East Wing Room 115A, 4:30-8pm @ Devlin 117

Monday, September 7th: 12-7pm @Devlin 117

Tuesday, September 8th: 3-6pm @ McElroy Commons 237


Heightsmen of Boston College

All male a capella group

Sunday, September 6th: 2-5pm @ O’Connell

Monday, September 7th: 3-6pm @ O’Connell

Monday, September 7th: 3-6pm @ Keyes North Lounge


The Sharps

All female a cappella group

Sunday, September 6th: 12-3pm @ Law School East Wing 200

Sunday, September 6th: 4-7pm @ Devlin 216

Monday, September 7th: 2-5pm @ Stokes 101N


Voices of Imani

No auditions, anyone is free to join!

Main website

Photo courtesy of Fuego del Corazon: Boston College's Latin Dance Team / Facebook

Photo courtesy of Fuego del Corazon: Boston College's Latin Dance Team / Facebook


Boston College Dance Ensemble

Monday, September 7th: 10am @ Brighton Dance Studio

main website

BC Full Swing

Beginner Lessons

Tuesdays: 7-8pm in the O’Connell House Dance Studio

No partner or experience necessary


Boston College Irish Dance

Friday, September 11th: 6 pm

Brighton Dance Studio


Dance Organization of Boston College

Sunday, September 6th:

10am to 3 pm

10:00am - Ballet

11:00am - Jazz

12:30pm - First Cuts

1:00pm - Callbacks

2:00pm - *optional* Hip Hop or Tap



Only all female step team

Tuesday, September 8th OR Wednesday, September 9th

8pm @ McElroy Bookstore Lobby

main website

Fuego del Corazon

Sunday, September 6th: meet in front of Lower @ 3:30pm

Monday, September 7th: meet in front of Lower @ 5:30pm



Sunday, September 13th: 7-9pm @ Mac 237

Monday, September 14th: 7-9pm @ Mac 237



Monday, September 7th: 9-11pm @ McGuinn 521

Tuesday, September 8th: 9-11pm @ McGuinn 334

Wednesday, September 9th: 9-11pm @ McGuinn 521


Sexual Chocolate

All male step team

Monday, September 7th through Saturday, September 12th

Meet in front of the Mac bookstore at 9 pm

*no dance experience needed




Sunday, September 6th: 12pm @ O’Connell House


UPrising Dance Crew

Monday, September 7th: 5pm @ O’Connell House


PATU: Presenting Africa To You

Male and female dancers and drummers welcome

Email if interested


VIP: Vida de Intensa Pasión

Tuesday, September 8th and Thursday, September 10th

9-11pm @ O’Connell House Dance Studio


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