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Playlist: The Soundtrack to Your Boston Calling Dreams

Next weekend’s highly-anticipated Boston Calling music festival features an all-star lineup, from which we’ve compiled a list of must-hear songs for anyone planning to visit City Hall Plaza on September 25-27.


  1.  Another is Waiting – The Avett Brothers


I can say from experience that this folk rock staple from North Carolina puts on a killer live show, complete with crowd-wide singalongs, mind-blowing cello solos, and several broken banjo strings.  This lead single off The Magpie and the Dandelion is one of their more square-shooting pop efforts, with banjo infusing their signature rootsy character.



  1. Big Black Car – Gregory Alan Isakov

While melodically and compositionally simple, this low-key song delivers an unexpected chill. Acoustic finger-plucking carries Isakov’s poetic lyrics cleanly into texture-adding string interjections, making the listener feel every carefully-crafted word.


  1. Left Hand Free – Alt-J

This fun, storytelling single became the most popular track from Alt-J’s sophomore release, leading the band to express joking concerns that the song would be used at an NRA Convention.



4. Can’t You See – Skylar Spence

Upperclassmen might remember seeing Skylar Spence around campus back when they were freshmen. They may even remember him as fellow BC student Ryan DeRobertis, who sampled, remixed and produced music under the moniker “Saint Pepsi” before landing a record deal with Carpark Records and leaving school to tour throughout the U.S. and Europe.  His first club-ready single off this month’s Prom King, characteristically dance-y and cheeky, will surely provide one of the memorable moments of this year’s festival.

  1. Shiver Shiver – Walk the Moon

The original jam--pre-”Shut Up and Dance.”   While still a basic pop song, its falsetto chorus and sultry bridge make for less of a bubblegum effect than does their recent hit. 


  1. Nancy From Now On – Father John Misty

This trippy track from 2012’s Fear Fun remains one of Father John Misty’s most popular songs.


  1. Life of Sin – Sturgill Simpson

Country music godsend Sturgill Simpson will transport you from City Hall Plaza to a southern saloon with this foot-stomp-worthy tune.


  1. Satellites – Grey Season

This standout track off the local indie rock band’s 2014 debut will surely hype up the festival crowd, its staccato introduction perfectly amping up to full-strength rocking in the anthemic chorus.


  1. Don’t Wanna Fight – Alabama Shakes

The funky lead single off April’s Sound & Color highlights Brittany Howard’s vocal range and texture.


  1. Jackie and Wilson – Hozier

Hozier leverages a blues rock vibe to match the title’s play on the name of an influential R&B/Soul singer, making for a breezy, light-hearted contrast to the more popular “Take Me to Church” and “From Eden.”


  1. Reflections - MisterWives

Now that this indie pop group's catchiest song has finally saturated your friends’ pregame playlists, you can expect the entire crowd to participate when they perform it at City Hall Plaza.


  1. 40oz. On Repeat FIDLAR

SoCal skatepunk-influenced FIDLAR will help you release any unresolved teen angst with this brassy jam from their September release, Too.



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