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Cura Delivers as a Cure for the Common Club

What exactly is Cura?

Cura is an inviting community of students looking to build relationships through gratitude for successes and reflection on struggles. By exploring the role of faith in their lives, the students are able to better understand themselves and their places in the world.

Photo courtesy of Boston College Cura - CLC of BC / Facebook

Photo courtesy of Boston College Cura - CLC of BC / Facebook

The Cura Mission is to “love one another as I have loved you” (John 13:34). Cura groups meet for one hour each week, but there are also opportunities to attend retreats and other events throughout the year.

Cura stands by three main goals. The first of these is community, which enables students to come together to experience the Christian tradition. The second goal is that of Ignation Reflection. Cura allows students to learn prayers that will deepen their relationships with God. Meetings also give each member an opportunity to share a moment in which he or she made a decision as a direct result of reflection and spirituality. The final goal is care for others through service and building a just world.

“I do Cura because it provides a space for deeper reflection and self spiritual care that can sometimes get in your everyday life and relationships," said Carolyn Barrett, MSAS ’16. "Cura is really a family, and for one hour a week you’re able to table all of the stresses and pressures of BC life and just be yourself and explore what’s most important to you.”

Ask any member of Cura and they will instantly talk about the aspect of community that they have found through the group. An ability to relate to others and to get to know people from any year on a much deeper level is an incomparable experience; Cura gives students a chance to take the time out to do just that.

If you still aren’t sure whether Cura is for you, think about Barrett’s words: “People looking for deeper connections should do Cura. People looking for a family should do Cura. People looking to develop or explore what Catholicism or spirituality means to them should do Cura.”

Photo courtesy of Boston College Cura - CLC of BC / Facebook

Photo courtesy of Boston College Cura - CLC of BC / Facebook

The Cura opening barbecue takes place at the Stokes Amphitheater on Monday, September 28 from 6-8 PM. To find out more about Cura, check out their website at To register to be a member of Cura, simply add your information on the website.

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