BC Men's Soccer Team Squashes UConn Huskies, 3-1

Under the chilling dusk of Newton on Tuesday night, the Eagles (4-2-0) prepared to take on the visiting University of Connecticut Huskies (3-0-3) on the soccer pitch. The Eagles were eager to improve their record to five wins but no one would have expected that it would be a easy game before it started.

Luck paid its favor to the Eagles early in the game. At the seventh minute, junior midfielder/forward Zeiko Lewis intercepted a bad pass from UConn and dribbled past the goalkeeper to break the deadlock and put the Eagles up 1-0. Boston College had already secured momentum at the beginning of the game.

Attempting to capitalize on their momentum, the Eagles never stopped trying to expand their advantage over Connecticut for the entirety of the first half. By patiently organizing both the offensive and defensive sides, the Eagles looked disciplined and patient. The second goal came from a corner kick in the 20th minute. Freshman forward Trevor Davock knocked in a easy goal assisted by Zeiko Lewis.

On the other side of the pitch, the Connecticut Huskies were struggling to create real opportunities. In the 22nd minute, the Huskies were able to generate a header, which narrowly snuck past the outside of the post. Freshman defender Abe Bibas played physically and held UConn so that their only option was to pass the Eagles’ midfield by swinging the ball to the front, either from the defensive line or the wings.

The Eagles wrapped the first half up by scoring another goal at 31st minute. Again, Zeiko Lewis, with great composure, beat the UConn defense on a one-on-one opportunity and gave the Eagles a comfortable 3-0 lead to end the first half.

Riley Sousa/ Gavel Media,

Riley Sousa/ Gavel Media

Into the second half, the Eagles were still dominant on the pitch.

On the defensive end, senior midfielder/ defender Atobra Ampadu and sophomore midfielder/ defender Mohammed Moro displayed exceptional chemistry and formed a practically impenetrable wall for the UConn offenders. Ampadu, not only a good defender, was also a leader who organized the defense through effective communication, while Moro could pushed forward and always got back to his position in a flash.

However, the turning point of the second half was the rocket shot that sophomore midfielder Alex Sanchez fired into the upper left hand corner in the 64th minute. After that goal, the momentum shifted to the Huskies' side.

Perhaps due to the dropped stamina and concentration, the Eagles played a much more defensive second half, opting to sit back and wait for counterattacks. In the last 20 minutes, the atmosphere of nervousness escalated for the Eagles as the UConn Huskies pushed up and found three more threatening chances.

However, the UConn Huskies were unable to capitalize and the clock eventually expired. The game ended 3-1. The referees, who were hands off and gave out no yellow or red cards, helped bolster the fluency and quickness of the match.

The Eagles (now 5-2-0), will play Virginia Tech (4-2-1) on Friday, September 25 at 7:00 p.m. ET in their next game.

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