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Prominent Social Psychologist to Give Anticipated Talk in Robsham

Amy Cuddy, one of the most prominent social psychologists of today, will be coming to Boston College in an event called “Fake It Until Become It," on October 6 at 5 p.m. in Robsham Theater.

Cuddy, a current professor at the Harvard Business School, became a phenomenon after delivering her TED Talk entitled “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are,” at TEDGlobal 2012 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Now with over 28 million views, the talk draws from Cuddy’s personal power and identity experiences and how her experiences can be used to empower others. She explains how you not only fake it until make it, but how you can fake it until you become it.

Cuddy’s research focuses on stereotyping, discrimination, emotions, power, nonverbal behavior and the effects of social stimuli on hormone levels. As an expert in social psychology, Cuddy will come to BC to talk about the power of body language and what is means to “fake it until you become it,” the main topic of discussion in her TED Talk. 

With nearly 900 students indicated as attending on Facebook, the event will be well attended.

The Women’s Center at Boston College is hosting this event in collaboration with other BC organizations, including Women in Business, Lean In, CSON Senate, LSOE Senate, UGBC, Graduate Student Life, Women’s Collaborative and Word of Mouth.

For those who are unable to attend the event, Cuddy's Ted Talk is available online on TED's website.

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