Opinion: I Love Pumpkin Spice And I Won't Apologize For It

I couldn’t count the amount of Snapchat stories I’ve seen in the last week that displayed changing leaves around campus. I can’t remember the number of excited conversations I’ve overheard about all things pumpkin—flavored lattes, seasonal pie and Jack-O-Lantern carving. I wouldn’t be able to describe how many football score updates, sexy Halloween costume ads or cold weather clothes I’ve seen popping up since September ended.

Fall has officially arrived. It is here in full swing, along with the annual fanatical fixations on virtually everything related to the season. It happens every year—there is a sudden and infectious excitement that breaks out about the simple things just as the months of autumn do. But instead of drawing a line in the sand, should we draw a line in those raked up leaves? (It is fall now, after all.) Should these ridiculous yearly obsessions be tolerated, and are they worth all the hype?

The way I see it, there’s no need to feel guilty about partaking in the craze. It’s totally justified to appreciate the simple joys of a certain time of year—and if those delights only make an appearance once a year anyway, then it’s even better to enjoy them at the acceptable moment. If life is about the little things, then there’s no shame in cherishing them at any time of the year.

To go apple picking, carve a pumpkin and decide on a Halloween costume aren’t silly autumn pastimes, but rather many of the modest ways people can stop to smell the roses. And if it’s acceptable to stop and smell the roses, then it’s most definitely acceptable to stop and smell that adorable fall coffee shop too. There’s no harm done in welcoming the fun and pleasant characteristics about those parts of a season we enjoy the most.

The fall isn’t completely free of flaws either. Along with the changing leaves comes the stress of midterms and summertime sadness, in addition to everyone’s packed agendas in the commotion of a school year. For most, it seems that life becomes a tad more demanding at the beginning of this season; delighting in the many perks of autumn is a totally justified way of coping with whatever those cool October winds may blow in.

And even though the students of Boston College will undoubtedly face the many trials that first semester entails, I think it is a fair statement to say that a BC fall is unlike any other. The trees on upper campus make every perfect building a little more beautiful, the Chocolate Bar feels a little cozier and our community comes together on game day. Cooler evenings mean a few more nights in watching movies with our roommates. The start-up of favorite TV shows will make for a wonderful study break, and friends will likely form even stronger bonds over memorable autumn trips through the city on brisk weekend days.

Fall is an exciting time on campus. It could quite possibly be the best season of the year. There’s no shame in savoring every moment. So go sip on your favorite pumpkin spice latte today, admire at the orange leaves outside, and feel a little happier knowing you can finally break out some boots…but don’t apologize for it.

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