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BC's Best Eats: The Comprehensive Guide to Getting Your Food On

We spent the week out-and-about on campus—outside Bapst, on the quad, in the Rat—stopping random Eagles and asking you for your go-to foodie destinations. We wanted to know where you juice up on java, indulge in a fluffy French toast, and especially where the suavest among you take your dates. Here’s the verdict:


Fuel America

152 Chestnut Hill Avenue

Fuel is close by and easy to get to using the Comm. Ave bus—just be sure to hop off at the Yamato stop. The cafe sells a host of juices, sandwiches and coffee drinks, but the real draw is the lattes and abundant study space. They have chai, regular, mocha, vanilla, honey and more, so there’s a latte that’s suitable for everyone.

Dunkin’ Donuts

15 Commonwealth Avenue

Apparently BC runs on Dunkin’ just as much as America does. Probably the most convenient off-campus coffee, there’s one across the street from St. Ignatius church right next to White Mountain.

Menu favorites: “caramel swirl iced coffee, regular, or you’re doing it wrong.”

Photo courtesy of Fuel America / Facebook

Photo courtesy of Fuel America / Facebook


Theo’s Cozy Corner

162 Salem Street, North End

If you’re venturing into Boston on a Saturday or Sunday, make the trek to the North End for a delicious Italian/American take on brunch. The catch: it’s small and cash only, so be prepared to wait and go to an ATM on the way. Even so, BC students recommend it if you’re in the city in the morning!

Menu Favorites: banana chocolate chip waffles, home fries

The Knotty Pine

295 Auburn Street, Newton

A little less convenient than some of the other restaurants on this list, the Knotty Pine is the perfect place to ask family and friends who visit to take you, or to Uber to. It’s a family-run American diner, so if you’re missing homey comfort food, BC students recommend that you head here, pronto. Knotty Pine is also crazy affordable (virtually everything on the menu is under $10), so it’s perfect for treating yourself when your bank account isn’t looking too hot.

Menu Favorites: pancakes

Johnny’s Luncheonette

30 Langley Road, Newton

Jump on the Newton bus and take a quick walk to Newton Center, or take a slightly longer stroll down Beacon Street from the main campus. Johnny’s is a fun, cheap diner that is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but is most notable for its all-day breakfast menu and its traditional American feel. Bonus: walking the ten minutes to and from the Newton campus will help you burn off your indulgent meal.

Menu Favorites: eggs Chestnut Hill, mini milkshakes

Photo courtesy of Johnny's Luncheonette / Facebook

Photo courtesy of Johnny's Luncheonette / Facebook



1230 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

Officially called the Grafton Street Pub and Grill, the bar is upscale in feeling, but still college student budget-friendly (entrees for $11 and up). On Massachusetts Ave. in Cambridge, it’s a little further than some of the other eats on this list, but an easy ride on the T.

Menu Favorites: lobster mac & cheese, if you just got your paycheck (note: it’s a special, not always served); fried chicken sandwich


55 Boylston Street, Chestnut Hill

If you venture to the nearby Chestnut Hill Shopping Center, Davio’s is a classy dinner option without having to go into the city. This steakhouse offers seafood, pasta, pizza, sandwiches, salads and more, and won’t break the bank.

Menu favorites: truffle oil mac & cheese


105 Union Street, Newton

If you’re looking for formal dinner with a fun twist, right in the Newton Center area, you can find Comedor, a kind of pricey but well-liked Chilean restaurant. It’s definitely not for picky eaters, since the unique menu offers items like octopus and lamb, but there’s an extensive menu for BC’s vegetarians.

Menu favorites: pistachio chicken wings, fried brownie

Photo courtesy of Comedor / Facebook

Photo courtesy of Comedor / Facebook



1612 Commonwealth Avenue, Brighton

Located right on Commonwealth Ave., Tasca is an affordable Mexican tapas restaurant for when you’re feeling something a little more special than El Pelon or Chipotle.

Photo courtesy of Sweet Tomatoes Pizza / Facebook

Photo courtesy of Sweet Tomatoes Pizza / Facebook

Insider Tip: Sign up for their mailing list and get all kinds of discounts as well as notifications about events they’re hosting.

Sweet Tomatoes

47 Langley Road, Newton

If you’re craving pizza, Sweet Tomatoes comes highly recommended. It’s nothing special, just really good, simple pizza. You can choose your toppings or pick from their menu of unique combinations. They have locations throughout Massachusetts, with four in Boston as well as a brand new food truck.


White Mountain Creamery

19 Commonwealth Avenue

If you’ve made it this far at Boston College and still haven’t been to White Mountain, do yourself a favor and cross Comm. Ave. for a cup or cone of greatness. Almost unanimously BC’s favorite dessert spot, White Mountain boasts extraordinary homemade ice cream just a crosswalk away from campus.

Photo courtesy of Modern Pastry Shop

Photo courtesy of Modern Pastry Shop

Menu favorites: Cookie Monster

Mike’s/Modern Pastry

Hanover Street, North End

Weigh in on the debate: Does Mike’s or Modern have the best cannolis in Boston? Both come highly recommended by BC students although there’s no consensus yet on which is better. If you aren’t a fan of cannolis, both also have an assortment of cookies, cupcakes and pastries.

The Loft at Addie’s

Apparently, there’s no need to leave campus to satisfy your sugar craving—go to Addie’s and try some ice cream or a milkshake; you won’t be disappointed. Big plus: It’s all on the meal plan, so splurge away!


Sunny Boy

1632 Beacon Street, Brookline

A short walk down the road from Cleveland Circle, Sunny Boy is a quaint diner/bar/breakfast place. They serve beverages in Mason Jars, have a friendly, quirky staff and an all around cool vibe. Very Instagrammable.

Menu favorites: pancakes, meatballs and cinnamon rolls (though probably not all together)

Jim’s Deli and Restaurant

371 Washington Street, Brighton

Casual comfort food at Jim’s Deli is available all day, so whatever you’re craving, be it a burger or a pancake, they have it. An added bonus is that they deliver, so there’s no need to pop the BC bubble in order to get real food any time of day.

Menu favorites: buffalo chicken mac & cheese

Photo courtesy of Sunny Boy / Facebook

Photo courtesy of Sunny Boy / Facebook

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