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The Weekly Diatribe: V2

Heating Up

Tori Fisher / Gavel Media

Tori Fisher / Gavel Media

This year I was blessed by the BC housing gods to live in a residence hall with air conditioning. With the scorching temperatures and excessive humidity of August and September, my bedroom was one place I could find solace after a long day spent sweating through my clothes. Air conditioning was the amenity that single-handedly preserved my sanity amid the whirlwind of stress that came with the return to campus for another academic year. Yet, last week I began to notice that my 8-man had become a bit less comfortable, and it was quiet—too quiet.

As it turns out, air conditioning in the residence halls gets turned off for the “winter” at a certain date, and their inhabitants are left to fend for themselves. This seemingly arbitrary date does not take into account the actual weather outside—it was 76° the other day—or the fact that the setup of suites leads them to trap heat like no other. Having not brought a fan to school this year, I've been jolted awake in the middle of the night disoriented and feeling on the verge of heatstroke way too many times this month.

Here’s to the coming winter, in which we can expect subzero temperatures outside and the heat in every building will run on full blast 24/7.

“Without A/C during midterms season, I’ve turned to using my professors’ cold hearts to cool the room.” – Joey Szopinski, CSOM ‘17

"The upside is that our Bonsai tree thriving in the heat." – Ian McCarthy, MCAS '17

“I live on CoRo and we don’t have A/C anyway.” – Dylan Taylor, CSOM ‘18

“My RD thought she was funny in her email about it, saying how she’s ‘feelin’ like Nelly circa 2002 [Hot in Herre]’” – Anonymous

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