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The Orwells Announce Free Show at The Sinclair

Thanks to Converse Rubber Tracks Live, The Orwells are playing a free concert at The Sinclair in Cambridge, Massachusetts on November 2. Tickets can be secured here, and the show is open to all ages.

Hailing from a suburb outside of Chicago, The Orwells are one of the most enjoyable bands that you probably have never heard. Their Wikipedia page consists of a few short paragraphs and they have a scant 72,000 likes on Facebook, both of which seems absurdly low for a band that provides stellar entertainment.

They describe their genre as “Dirty Ass rock nn rolllll,” which is probably the best way to put it. They often employ grimy-sounding guitars and lyrics that discuss subjects a reasonable person would not describe as “clean.” Lead singer Mario Cuomo has a voice that fits with their overall aesthetic: wild and catchy.

Despite their underrated status, The Orwells have had their fair share of successes. In 2013, they opened for the Artic Monkeys for nine of their North American shows. Their early 2014 performance on the Late Show with David Letterman received the demand by the host and audience for an encore. Their tour last year around this time stopped in small venues, but drew rave reviews.

Photo courtesy of Tumblr.

Photo courtesy of Tumblr.

However, The Orwells certainly cannot be considered critical darlings. Disgraceland, the follow up to their 2012 debut album Remember When, received a Metacritic score of 60, indicating mixed or average reviews.

With that being said, Disgraceland provides a lot more than that score of 60 would indicate. The album presents an almost counterintuitive mix: catchy and carefully produced while sounding carefree and, well, dirty. The lyrics, mostly late-night cautionary tales of partying, are generally best not to overthink and generally blur the line between sincere and ironic. It is an amazing album to listen to without needing to think too much.

Plus, the concert is free! What else would you be doing? It may be a Monday night, but you can probably skip your 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday anyway. The concert would be worth it even it cost money; now there’s really no excuse not to go.

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