BC Football Looks to Generate Support on Halloween

This Saturday, the Boston College Eagles will look to beat the Virginia Tech Hokies and earn their first win against an ACC opponent this season. Since their first meeting in 1993, the two teams have played 23 games. While BC is 8-15 in those 23 games, the Eagles are currently riding a two-year winning streak.

With a four game losing streak and a 3-5 record, the Boston College football team has had its worst season since head coach Steve Addazio came to the Heights. Yet, there’s still time for the Eagles to pull together a couple more wins and end the season with a winning record. Saturday is crucial if the Eagles wish to accomplish this.

This Virginia Tech squad is a team that the Eagles surely have the capability to beat, but the game will be a tough fight. Virginia Tech will likely bring a formidable following of fans to Alumni, and the Eagles will want all the support they can get from the Student Section.

The game also happens to be on the day of Halloween. According to various unverifiable rumors, kickoff was supposed to be at 8:00 p.m., but because both teams had less-than-stellar records, TV networks pulled out. Yet, this change in timing could be good news for attendance at Alumni.

Anthony Golden/ Gavel Media.

Anthony Golden/ Gavel Media

After all, how many BC students really would go to support a 3-5 team with a four game losing streak on Halloween night at 8:oo p.m.? A 12:30 p.m. kickoff will make it possible for SuperFans to go support the football team without sacrificing their evening plans.

On the flip side, since Saturday is game day, seniors will not be allowed to have registered parties in the mods on Halloween. Every senior who has been waiting to throw a Halloween mod party since they were freshmen will be doing so on Friday night. Students looking to make the most of their last college Halloweekend will also be out all Friday night. The next morning, the last thing many will want to do is drag themselves out of bed in the morning to support a 3-5 football team, especially when they will be gearing up for the Saturday night.

On the other hand, this game is the penultimate home game. It also happens to be a game against an ACC opponent during one of the most beautiful times of the year in Chestnut Hill. Hence, the game has the potential to be a wonderful experience.

Overall, the Eagles definitely have a shot at beating Virginia Tech—and this could be the last chance to witness a win in Alumni this season (though hopefully not). If you're a senior who wishes you had gone to more football games at BC, if you're a student looking to shed your SuperFan shirt by wearing your costume and trick-or-treating at the game, or if you're a SuperFan looking to simply cheer on your team, Saturday is a great chance to do that.

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