The Weekly Diatribe: V3

Down With The Plex

Photo courtesy of Facebook / Boston College Campus Recreation

Photo courtesy of Facebook / Boston College Campus Recreation

Fun fact: BC has the largest sauna in North America, and it’s affectionately known as “The Plex.” There are so many unanswered questions about The Plex: Why does it look like a gray, bleak carnival tent? Why is it cruelly located at the bottom of an enormous staircase? Are the windows of the high-end football weight room facing the inferior Plex so the D1 athletes can laugh at the plebes below them? The Plex was seemingly built to be as luxurious and structurally sound as a Mod, but it does not seem to be nearly as well liked or fun. Enter The Plex and your eyes will sting from the hot, damp and stale air. Students walk around with their Blender Bottles rushing to be next in line for the one of the few power-racks, or look out from the balcony stocked with ellipticals, stationary bikes and treadmills at the bleak nets and courts spread out across the green floor. Don’t worry, though, after you’re done with your workout you can fill up your sticker-covered BC Nalgene with lukewarm water from one of the water “coolers” and walk up a stair case that cost more than your life-insurance policy is worth.

“Why are you so pointy?!” Erica Hefnawy MCAS '19
“The Plex is like a public bathroom…you know the one at home is better, but you use it anyway because it’s better than not using it at all.” Kevin Enabulele MCAS '19
“The Plex is a far-off Mecca for sweaty bulls disguised as male BC students and elderly professors trying to get in shape.” Reed Piercey MCAS '19
“The Plex is like a box of chocolates. It’s crammed and it gets sticky when it’s hot out.” Stavros Piperis MCAS '19

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