Cause of Food Poisoning on BC's Campus Not Yet Identified, Linked to Chipotle

BC Health Services has confirmed that more than 80 BC students have checked into Health Services reporting gastrointestinal symptoms, in an email sent to the student body by Dr. Thomas Nary, M.D., Director of University Health Services and Sports Medicine at BC.

The afflicted students had all dined at the Chipotle restaurant in Cleveland Circle, the email explained.  Currently, BC Health Services is performing tests to determine a link between this incident, and the ongoing nationwide outbreak of E. coli, STEC 026.

"E. coli has not been confirmed," Dr. Nary reported in response to questions posed by the Gavel via email.  "Tests and cultures are being conducted."

The outbreak has seen 52 confirmed cases of E. coli 026 infections directly linked to food served at various Chipotle franchises across the United States.  As of now, there are 9 states, not including Massachusetts, reporting people infected with the outbreak strain of E. coli 026.  Beyond BC, the possibility of other infections in the area has been observed by emergency rooms.

"Of note," Dr. Nary explained, "this outbreak is not a BC problem alone since ERs have noted symptomatic people from other parts of the area."

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