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Danielle Johnson / Gavel Media

BC Amps up Security in Cheverus Hall

The return to campus for second semester has become synonymous with the eternal college student struggle of getting back in the swing of things. For freshman residents of Cheverus Hall, however, an entirely new daily challenge awaits.

Beginning on January 16, residents making their way back to this building on Upper Campus were greeted by the installation of a brand new security system. Overseen by Stanley Security, the upgrade includes a new C•CURE 9000 Wi-Fi-based lock system and security cameras to monitor building entrances and exits. Main doors can now be unlocked by simply tapping one’s BC ID to a sensor, while individual dorm rooms and hall bathrooms require the combination of a swipe and a unique PIN code.

Danielle Johnson / Gavel Media

Current security system: Danielle Johnson / Gavel Media

While the security upgrades in Cheverus Hall are only phase one of a three-year effort to increase campus safety, students have already been feeling the effects of these security changes. BCPD even offered to throw a pizza party for building residents if no ID cards were lost within the first month back on campus.

“It’s made me much more aware of where my ID is at all times,” says Cheverus Hall resident Michael Razis, MCAS '19. “I really learned to literally have it on my body at all times. When I went to brush my teeth the other night I was locked out of my room and the bathroom until I found my RA.”

However, Stanley Security was sure to be as accommodating as possible for students arriving back to campus.  Upon entry into Cheverus Hall, residents made their way into the lounge, where they were issued new system-compatible IDs and given Stanley Security “swag bags,” including items such as screwdrivers, flashlights, USB drives, and ID lanyards. There were complimentary Dunkin' coffee and donuts, and Stanley workers even went so far as to carry students' luggage to their respective rooms.

The new Wi-Fi lock systems are slated to be installed in all residential buildings in three years’ time, meaning that all BC students will eventually have to re-program their habits to include making sure that their ID is always on their person. However, the hope is that students across campus will agree that the increased level of safety on campus will be well worth the minor inconveniences in day-to-day life.

“It has definitely been an adjustment trying to remember to have my ID with me at all times,” says resident Annie Roberts, CSOM '19, “but at the end of the day it’s a step in the right direction in updating the security system across campus.”

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