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The Weekly Diatribe: V4

Sitting down to register for or add/drop classes always comes with a little bit of surprise and nostalgia for me. To find and open the UIS application, I first have to search for a few minutes on my computer to locate some folder titled, “BC UIS,” which has a bunch of other weird folders and stuff in it that downloaded automatically with the actual application. I have no idea what any of that other stuff is, and I’m not sure I even want to know.

That surprise and nostalgia I mentioned, though, comes when I actually open the application and the first screen pops up. If I’m at all absent minded while doing this, I think for a split second I’m about to play Atari, Pong, or another ancient video game. I’m then disappointed that, instead of playing retro video games, as the aesthetics of the application suggests, I’m signing up for a class I have to take that is only open at 8 a.m. The rectangular cursor, inability to use the “backspace” key, “old-school” graphics, early timing, and overall inconsistency of the application are great, you know, because they just remind me of a simpler time, before I had to read hundreds of pages a week and remember to eat my vegetables all by myself and attempt to be some sort of quasi-adult. But, hey, if you’re a second-generation Eagle, your parents probably used UIS, too, so they must have figured out all the tips and tricks back in the '80s!

“In the 1980s, a BC student accidentally registered for his classes using a game of Pong and it was renamed UIS #themoreyouknow,” Reed Piercey MCAS ’19.

“*Uses UIS* *Gets CompSci degree from BU*,” Annie Roberts CSOM ’19.

“A couple weeks before class registration, I set my all of my clocks 7 minutes fast to make sure I logged into UIS on time,” Christina Stellingwerf MCAS ’16.

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