Photo courtesy of Boston College CAB / Facebook

CAB's Comedy Night Promises to Bring the Heat

In case Valentine’s Day didn’t exactly have you smiling cheek to cheek, Boston College's Campus Activities Board has got you covered with an event that will. BC’s CAB is bringing comedians Matthew Broussard and Alex Stone to campus on Feb. 18 (possibly as an attempt to have the student body morally recover after the most universally devastating holiday). Two hilarious voices, Broussard and Stone know the plight of being partner-less. Performing skits on all aspects of the dating scene, the duo knows how to lighten the mood with humor and personal stories, expanding on their own lives as a heterosexual and a victim of cheating.

Matthew Broussard is your average, everyday guy: therein lies his hilarity. He puts a wild spin on the most commonplace events and as an observational comedian, he emulates the style of other great comics such as Jerry Seinfeld. Broussard was featured on MTV’s Guy Code, which, even from the title, is quite telling of the persona he portrays during his stand-up routines. Broussard plays up the fact that he is the epitome of normalcy as a white, heterosexual male, making this the centerpiece of some of his comedy skits that will have you gasping for air. For example, he recounts to the audience his time spent “[taking] rich people’s money and [making] it into even more money using 'Jew magic'" as a former financial analyst. With this, Broussard treads the fine line between hysterical and politically incorrect—a type of humor that we all know and secretly love.

Alex Stone offsets Broussard’s lighthearted tone with thinly veiled cynicism. Named one of Cincinnati’s Go Bananas Comedy Club favorites, Stone finds ways to make the audience laugh both with and at him through his classic, yet absurd comedic style. Many times, he is comically self-deprecating. Not only does he hint at being cheated on multiple times, but he also makes references to his coexisting baby-face and balding head—the unfortunate mix of which, he proclaims, makes him act "like an actual baby."

Both comics frequent the college scene, and with good reason. Their combination of cynicism and chipper jokes cover all the bases, appealing to many of the personalities you may find at any college campus, including BC. CAB’s Live Entertainment Director crossed paths with Broussard and Stone at the National Association for Campus Activities Conference, and simply could not let the opportunity pass.

Logan Lofto, CSOM ’18, is spearheading the event as Assistant Director. With his team of three, Lofto has worked tirelessly to book the venue and set up marketing and ticketing for the big event. According to Lofto, CAB hasn’t hosted an event like this since the hugely successful "Improv Asylum."

"BC students are going to be super excited," Lofto personally attested. He added that CAB is "hoping people will bring the same energy" from last year's "Improv Asylum" to this year’s new act and night of comedy.

Make sure to pick up FREE tickets to this event at Robsham Box Office on Feb. 18th.