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BREAKING: Joseph Arquillo and Nikita Patel Announce Intent to Run in UGBC Presidential Elections

Following the UGBC Election Committee's decision to both postpone the elections and reopen nominations for both the Student Assembly and the President/Executive Vice President positions, Joseph Arquillo, LSOE '17, and Nikita Patel, CSOM '17, have announced their intent to run in the UGBC presidential election.

"We know that the daily life of most BC students does not include UGBC," Arquillo and Patel told The Gavel. "It’s important to us that UGBC is a place that brings together students and the university in a way that fosters excitement and support for real change."

"As an organization for dialogue and discourse across the university," Arquillo and Patel continued, "we want UGBC to help students engage with the student government, administrators, and policymakers about issues that they are passionate about."

"It’s time we actually have an open and honest conversation that brings what students actually care about to the table," Arquillo and Patel stated in conclusion.  "With the support of our fellow Boston College students, we will continue to advocate!"

Nominations close on March 1, and the Campaign Kickoff is now scheduled for March 15 with voting opening on March 31.

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