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The Tip: Boston College is the Biggest Snub of the NCAA Tournament

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Thirty-two teams are given automatic bids into the NCAA tournament. This leaves thirty-six remaining “at large” slots for the tournament selection to fill with teams they choose to compete in March Madness. Many people are upset that small universities like Monmouth or Valparaiso did not get selected after having great seasons; however, the real outrage is Boston College’s absence from the field.

Now I know BC may not have the best tournament résumé, but they clearly deserved to be somewhere in the field. Vanderbilt received an 11 seed, and the Eagles are in a class far above that of the Commodores. After all, BC did beat Delaware, who beat College of Charleston, who beat LSU, who beat Vanderbilt. I would say that evidence right there is proof enough that BC deserved to be in the 11 seed play-in game, as they basically beat Vanderbilt...

This would place the Eagles with a match-up against Wichita State. Do we even have to talk about this game? The Missouri Valley Conference? Really? How can you have a conference based on one valley in one state? They may or may not be the only team in that conference. Easy win for the Eags.

Next comes the 6 seed Arizona Wildcats, and things get a little bit tougher. The only common factor between the Wildcats’ schedule and BC’s is Providence, who beat both teams. The uneducated eye gives this game to the Wildcats after seeing that Arizona only lost by four while BC lost by 15, but we at The Gavel pride ourselves on thorough research. Most college basketball analysts estimate home court advantage to be worth four points (real statistic). Given that BC played in Providence while Arizona lost to the Friars at home, this shaves the gap between the two teams from 11 to 7. It is also important to note that BC played the Friars right after they were hit by the Chipotle fiasco. Experts also generally agree that having norovirus costs you at least eight points (less than real statistic). Down go the Cats.

BC would then likely see No.3 seed Miami. The Hurricanes did beat the Eagles by 24 during the regular season, but they also lost to freakin’ Northeastern. As long as the world is turning and pigs aren’t flying, it is pretty safe to assume BC is better than Northeastern at everything. Sweet Sixteen here we come.

There are tons of possible match-ups for the Eagles at this stage in the tournament, but the most likely is Villanova. Villanova is the No.2 seed in the South region after losing in the Big East Tournament costing them their chance at a No. 1 seed. For those of you who do not know, Boston College was once in the Big East, and we were pretty much banned by the conference for being too good. Our last two seasons in the Big East included a 20-0 start and a conference championship. There is no reason to assume we wouldn’t continue to own the Big East, thus cruising past Villanova.

For the Elite Eight, there are again a ton of possibilities, but the Eagles should want to play the Kansas Jayhawks. Sure they are the No.1 team in the country and sure they are stacked with talent, but this may be the easiest win BC has in the whole tournament. Kansas played Harvard and won by 6. BC played Harvard and won by 13. Easy 7 point win. Final Four here we come.

To reach the final BC would likely have to go through Oklahoma or Oregon. Oklahoma played Harvard, winning by 12. Again, BC beat the Crimson by 13, meaning this is a close 1 point win for the Eagles. Oregon on the other hand is less cut and dry, but stick with me here. We already know BC is better than Harvard so we will work from that. Harvard beat Auburn, who beat Kentucky, who beat Arizona State, who beat Stanford, who beat Oregon. Following that simple logic, the Eagles top the Ducks.

This is it folks. The title game. The highest seeded team BC could see here is a familiar foe, the North Carolina Tar Heels. In predicting what would be the third meeting of the two teams, we will look to the most recent match-up between the two, a 3-point nail-biter that went in favor of UNC. What many don’t remember from that game though, is that BC was without Jerome Robinson. Robinson was first on the team in minutes per game and second in scoring. That is worth at least 4 points, and with that win … Boston College is your 2016 NCAA Men’s Basketball National Champion!

Forget Monmouth and St. Mary’s students complaining about their snubs after 27 win seasons. This is what was taken away from BC, a national title. Boston College was easily the biggest snub the March Madness tournament has ever seen.

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