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Hidden Gem for Boston College Film Fanatics

It's been a long day of schooling, one that included your professor resembling Mr. Rooney from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and the hands of time moving at the pace of Groundhog Day. All you want to do is hunker down in your CoRo double (as I will next year) with a mug in your hands and dive into a movie marathon on Netflix.

But, wait—Back to the Future is unavailable to stream on Netflix? You have to wait DAYS before you can once again participate in the magic of the DeLorean?

Does that mean you don’t get to experience Marty McFly despite having your own personal Biff in your lit core class?

Say it ain’t so!

Then, suddenly, the intuitive Boston College student lying within remembers that obscure website provided first semester to watch the biopic on a Native American chief whose name you no longer recall. With bated breath, you type in the address you found in your syllabus. What magically appears on the screen is BC’s solution to the tragic shortcomings of your Netflix account. is the Boston College operated site that provides an array of movies, ranging from the classic Casablanca to the likes of Adam Sandler. There are movies posted to the website by teacher request and those that appear to be of popular demand.

Some BC students may be familiar with the faculty assigned films from syllabi long ago discarded. Many movies that appear in this section are not considered blockbusting names by today’s student body. Some titles, like that of Gunga Din (unavailable anywhere on Netflix), can only grind a professor’s gears; rarely will they make their way into your movie night in Roncalli.

Yet the remaining movies do aim to please. Titles include the sentimental favorite Perks of Being a Wallflower (unavailable for streaming on Netflix), Amy Schumer at her best in Trainwreck (also unavailable for streaming on Netflix), and The Conjuring (again, you guessed it, unavailable for streaming on Netflix) to spice up your week.

You may ask yourself: how does the Boston College information technology department choose what movies to stream? Why did Dreamgirls make the cut over Obsessed? After all, Beyonce is flawless in both. You might also ask, are the administrators trying to tell us something through the choices of He’s Just Not that Into You and Supersize Me? Could Kerry Cronin be replaced by Crazy Stupid Love’s Ryan Gosling as BC’s relationship counselor?

Although the motives behind these movie choices are undoubtedly subject to inquiry, Boston College students should relish the capability to transcend Netflix in order to satisfy their every motion picture desire.

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