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UGBC Stands in Solidarity with Sexual Health, Passes Resolution

On Sunday evening, the UGBC Student Assembly passed a momentous resolution entitled “A Resolution Concerning Sexual Health and Sex Positivity.” The resolution is sponsored by Sen. Collin Pratt, MCAS ’17, and co-sponsored by Sen. Connor Kratz, MCAS ’18, and Executive Vice President-elect Meredith McCaffrey, MCAS ’17. It passed unanimously among non-abstaining senators.

In the resolution, UGBC asserts that the student body is “in need of sexual health resources and education to ensure all sex at Boston College is safe and informed.”

The organization aims to commit to “a new endeavor of promoting sexual health resources, education, and dialogue as well as cultivating an environment of sex positivity at Boston College” for the purposes of combatting “disease, infection, unplanned pregnancy, sexual assault, and cultures of shame, rape and victim blaming.”

“A resolution of this sort has been discussed by Collin and I since the beginning of the academic year, however today was the day that all of these ideas, discussion and advocacy came to fruition,” said Kratz.

In considering how the administration might react, Pratt added, “Though the BC administration and UGBC have on occasion found conflict between initiatives and the historic heritage of the Catholic Identity, I am sure we stand together in holding the health and safety of our students paramount.”

While this statement “isn’t a direct policy proposal,” it is “certainly an issue UGBC will be addressing on campus and with administration in the future,” Kratz added.

“This is a revolutionary proposal for a Student Government that will continue to carry the torch that lights the world aflame,” said Pratt. “The final word in the preamble to our constitution is excellence, and we will scale every obstacle, meet every challenge, and face any opposition in pursuit of this touchstone.”

The document is McCaffrey’s first official UGBC action as executive vice president-elect.

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