Photo courtesy of BC Music Guild / Facebook

Music Guild Brings BC Artists Downtown and Into the Spotlight with 'Break the Bubble 2'

This Saturday, April 16, from 1:00-7:00 PM at Faneuil Hall, the BC Music Guild will host the second annual Boston College music festival. After the success of last year’s inaugural festival, this year’s iteration will include many of the same performers. The event will feature bands, duos, rappers and an eclectic mix of everything in between.

Photo courtesy of BC Music Guild / Facebook.

Photo courtesy of BC Music Guild / Facebook

One of the more popular BC bands, Small Talk, will be reprising their role as a headliner. Describing themselves as a mix of psychedelic, indie, ambient, pop, and experimental, they are considered to be one of BC’s most promising up and coming bands. They released an EP last month that can be streamed here.



Another returner will be Isl△nd, a solo, electronic project begun by Daniel Lyle, MCAS ’16. Lyle is able to create dense soundscapes coupled with shoegaze-esque vocals that meld to create a somewhat eerie aesthetic. Lyle describes Isl△nd as “a sonic world with endless possibilities.” His music can be streamed here.



Wynnm Murphy, MCAS ’18 and a self-described “one-woman band,” sings, plays guitar, and uses a suitcase kick drum. Possessing an eclectic mix of original compositions and covers, her music can be streamed here.



In addition to the artists listed above, 26 more bands, duos, and solo artists will be performing. And the weather will be nice(ish)! Plus, it’s in downtown Boston—with a million other things to do—even if you decide not to stick around! Even more importantly, it’s free! There’s really no excuse not to go.

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