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Clothes Swapping Site 'ModilMe' Makes the Quad Its Runway

For those college students looking to diversify or expand their wardrobes while on a budget, one needs to only consult the ever-changing, dynamic startup culture at Boston College. Attempting to break into the competitive world of the clothing business is ModilMe, the brain-child of Elyse Bush, MCAS ’16.

ModilMe is a service focused on clothes-exchange that allows users to simply post images of their clothing and preferred prices on the website,, where other students who might be interested in purchasing or leasing the clothing can view each listing. After connecting the sellers with prospective buyers, the business is able to generate revenue by charging a fee based on the total price of the transaction.

Bush conceptualized ModilMe in 2013; the idea was originally presented as a social movement campaign on Facebook which sought to celebrate the beauty in diversity of style on campus, functioning as a movement for women’s empowerment by association. ModilMe officially launched on campus in September 2015.

“ModilMe was originally a Facebook social movement campaign—however, this year, ModilMe has adopted a new face in which we are able to represent women as real models,” said Bush. “We encourage Boston College students to use our site because our platform makes clothes exchange effortless across campuses.”

Since its inception at the beginning of the 2015 calendar year, ModilMe has experienced high student demand.

“We’re nearing the triple digits in the amount of students that use the service on campus,” commented Bush. “It’s great to see that the ‘ModilMe’ name and the service are truly catching on not only among my peers, but among students across campus and class years.”

Recently, ModilMe has shifted its focus to incentivizing more students to upload their clothing to the website and offer them for rent in addition to putting items up for purchase, since the desire for ModilMe’s services has increased tremendously. With so many students wanting to take advantage of ModilMe's unique selling proposition, the business has set its sights on expanding its reach while utilizing resources on campus to publicize itself and connect with the student body.

ModilMe was recently honored with the Best Service award at Boston College’s 2015 Elevator Pitch Competition, organized by the Shea Center for Entrepreneurship. Additionally, the startup benefitted from participation in the Shea Center for Entrepreneurship’s Accelerator program for growing businesses.

Bush identified the Shea Center for Entrepreneurship’s utility in promoting the startup culture at Boston College in addition to its influence on the success of ModilMe. “ModilMe was very proud to have the opportunity to be a part of the Start at Shea Center’s Accelerator program this spring, which has been key to achieving more far-reaching success for the business,” she said. “I am excited to see if the success at BC may encourage other Boston-area colleges to participate as well!”

Bush, in describing the positive reception of the startup on campus, credited her team for ModilMe’s success as a venture: “As a founder, I’m grateful to have a wonderful team of nine other undergraduate members who are vital to ModilMe’s success. Since we are a startup, all team members have taken on various marketing/sales/communications roles depending on the changing needs of our business.”

For more information on ModilMe and its services, please visit

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