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Photo courtesy of Boston College Arts Council / Facebook

2016 Arts Festival Promises to Bring Campus to Life

This past weekend, students attended the widely anticipated ALC Showdown and indulged in Marathon Monday festivities. Audiences witnessed Boston College Irish Dance triumph over the Hunger Games, Fuego del Corazón clinch the FIFA cup, and Synergy survive sleep away camp. Days later, thousands more joined to watch professional and novice runners push themselves to the brink for 26.2 grueling miles of the Boston Marathon. Now that the hype has died down, and assignments have piled up, it may feel as though the holy grail of all BC festivities has passed and finals are upon us.


BC Arts Council is delivering a stress-relieving treat for the end of the semester: the 18th annual Arts Festival. Running from Thursday, April 28 to Saturday, April 30, the 2016 Arts Fest will bring together students, faculty, family, and friends to celebrate the arts. Starting at 12 p.m. each day, more than one thousand students and faculty will present music, theater, dance, art, and more to the BC and surrounding community.

Photo courtesy of Boston College Arts Council / Facebook

Photo courtesy of Boston College Arts Council / Facebook

Nick Scandalios ‘87 has been invited to attend this year’s Arts Festival as the 2016 Arts Council featured guest. As Executive Vice President of the Nederlander Organization—one of the largest private live entertainment companies still in existence—Scandalios is also the recipient of the 2016 Arts Council Alumni Award for Artistic Achievement.

The renowned Broadway producer will be recognized for his achievements through three Arts Festival events. Paul Daigneault ‘87 of Boston’s SpeakEasy Stage Company will interview Scandalios about his booming theater success during “Inside the BC Studio.” Furthermore,“Industry Insider Panel” will feature a panel discussion of distinguished theater professionals, including Sean Flahaven ‘95 and Patricia Noonan ‘07, the playwright of the 2016 Theatre Department production Learning How to Drown.

Celebration of these alumni then culminates in an award ceremony and reception on Friday at 3 p.m. in the Stokes Art Tent. The ceremony will honor not only the Arts Council esteemed guests, but current faculty and students who have demonstrated outstanding creativity and accomplishments in the arts.

Students can stop by O’Neill Plaza or the Stokes Art Tent between classes to watch myriad diverse performances and easily access Arts Fest. A quick peek at the weekend’s lineup includes selections from the Dramatics Society’s performance of Cabaret on Thursday, a critics’ choice dance showcase on Friday, and a critics’ choice a cappella showcase on Saturday. “Dancing with bOp!” on Saturday night wraps up the weekend on a high note as the smooth sounds of BC’s jazz ensemble back up dance groups of all genres. A full calendar of events detailing times and locations has been released and promises to deliver engaging arts and live entertainment to all corners of campus.

For more information on Arts Festival, please visit the BC Arts Council page.

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