Tori Fisher / Gavel Media

The Weekly Diatribe: V6

In July 2015, Boston College sent me an email to notify me of my housing situation for my freshman year: I was destined to be one of 41 freshmen boys living in Williams Hall, a sophomore dorm removed from the rest of the freshman class. I wasn’t worried at all, however, because BC really set my mind at ease with some super comforting words about how it would all be just fine. I would quote the email, but I’m pretty sure I’m not allowed to do that without permission, and I like it here.

I got to campus, and the sophomores in Williams, surprisingly, weren’t all that friendly to the freshmen they were living with. Weird, right? They didn’t go out of their way to say “hello,” or introduce themselves as is typical during the first few weeks of college for all of the freshmen. Moreover, the other freshmen thought it was super weird that freshmen lived on Coro, if they even knew what Coro was, which was the case for most.

This year, as housing week neared, I heard countless times, “OMG what would you do if you lived on Coro two years in a row?”

“HAHA SO FUNNY GREAT QUESTION DON’T JINX IT,” I thought to myself each time before laughing it off. This happened many times, and then housing week came. You see where this is going, I assume.

I am living on Coro next year—again. As are a number of the current Willy 1 residents. I now understand why the Williams sophomores weren’t as outgoing and friendly to all of us as the other freshmen were. They didn't want to live with freshmen, and they didn’t want to live on Coro. I sympathize with you now.

Some messages of sympathy for anyone in my shoes or similar ones:

“#MakeCoroGreatAgain” Annie Roberts CSOM ’19: Coro 2016.

“Newton to Coro is worse, so I don’t even want to hear it,” Grace Reinders CSON ’19: Newton 2015 and Coro 2016.

“How did this happen?” Nick St. Laurent MCAS ’19: Coro 2015 and Coro 2016.

“I’m on Greycliff…” Natalia Mora LSOE ’19: Greycliff 2016.

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