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BREAKING: Suspect Apprehended in Off-Campus Incident

Monday, May 9, 12:30 a.m. – Numerous reports have been received indicating that a male suspect wearing black clothing was apprehended on Monday morning after an incident on Kirkwood Road in Brighton. Sources report that the man, a middle-aged African-American, was chased down by students of Boston College and detained until police arrived on scene.

Nick Reed / Gavel Media

Nick Reed / Gavel Media

"I was sitting with my roommate when suddenly we heard this commotion," reports Albert Barkan, a resident of Kirkwood. "We ran out and saw some of the guys from the other side of our house pinning him to the ground."

There has been no confirmation regarding the man's identity. Several break-ins have occurred in recent weeks at numerous locations in the surrounding neighborhoods. Laptops, watches, and cellphones were stolen in those incidents. There have also been multiple allegations over the years involving a man who entered homes at night to tickle the feet of sleeping individuals. Currently, nothing exists to suggest the suspect was involved in any previous incidents.

The man was seen populating a driveway on Radnor Road and was subsequently chased to Kirkwood, where he was tackled by at least one member of the Boston College student body. The suspect has since been released from custody. Sources say that the police had no evidence of intent to commit a crime and thus no jurisdiction to make a formal arrest.

The Gavel is currently attempting to contact the Brighton Police Department but has been unsuccessful to this point.

This story is developing. Updates will be provided as information is made available. 

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