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UGBC Leadership to Implement New Initiatives This Summer

As the summer interim break commences, Russell Simons, MCAS ’17, and Meredith McCaffrey, MCAS ’17, Undergraduate Government of Boston College President and Executive Vice President, respectively, seek to finalize and implement policy initiatives to provide remedies to some of the challenges UGBC faces. From the uncooperative administration to a student body that often seems to be fractured, Simons and McCaffrey seek to establish innovative solutions in the upcoming year.

“We have a number of initiatives [to be implemented in the coming months] that we see as both realistic and necessary goals to improve the quality of student life, the accessibility of UGBC, and the inclusivity of our campus,” said McCaffrey.

The first two initiatives seek to finalize the planning of the introduction of the student body to the conduct audit as soon as possible. The audit shall be one of a series of conduct resources that the new administration desires to clarify and expand so that students will be able to more effectively comprehend their rights and responsibilities on campus. To that end, the prospective “Conduct Audit” option on the Agora Portal shall list each disciplinary, academic, and legal infraction on a student’s record and indicate whether it will appear on an official transcript or record. Moreover, the pair strives to augment and better publicize the UGBC Conduct Consultant program to ensure that every student has access to guidance and representation for the entirety of the disciplinary process.

McCaffrey also cited the need to galvanize a movement that promotes confidence and empowerment amongst women across campus. In such a fashion, Simons and McCaffrey seek to develop and implement a monthly female speaker series in collaboration with the Women’s Center to bring women’s issues to the forefront with an emphasis on empowerment. Additionally, the pair will be working with the Women’s Center and the Center for Student Formation to establish a mentorship program for freshmen women to commence in Fall 2016. Lastly, the pair is attempting to introduce a series of events geared towards the exploration of Imposter Syndrome — a phenomenon where high-achieving individuals feel inadequate even in the face of information that indicates the opposite — to facilitate an open forum to discuss issues that women in leadership roles face.

Through their endeavors to promote women’s rights on campus, the pair hopes to establish a more productive and cohesive narrative with respect to gender equity that shall hopefully assist in eliminating the fundamental causes of gender-related discrepancies at Boston College. One of the stratagems to be employed in the pursuit of this goal is the implementation of programming and social media campaigns in collaboration with student organizations and athletic teams to expand the dialogue regarding the culture of masculinity on campus.

The pair also asserted the significance of maintaining a healthy and proactive dialogue with the administrative members of Boston College.

“We see this summer as a time to establish strong relationships with various members of the administration,” commented McCaffrey. “We've had a number of positive meetings with different administrators over the past few weeks, and as Russell and I will both be living in Boston this summer, we plan to continue those meetings over the next few months.”


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