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BC Custodian Sees Fifth Child Graduate

Lined up on Linden Lane for the last time, the Boston College Class of 2016, garbed in caps and gowns, headed toward their Commencement ceremony in Alumni Stadium on Monday, May 23. But unlike her classmates, Alicia Vautour, CSON ‘16, would cross the stage to receive her diploma from none other than her own father, Frank Vautour.

Frank Vautour, a custodian at Boston College for the past several years, has finally put all five of his children through their undergraduate degrees at Boston College. Initially hired as a cook in 1994, Vautour sought to provide his children an opportunity for a better life than his own. Due to his sacrifice and his janitorial work at BC, all five of his children were able to attend tuition free.

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While Vautour’s sacrifice awarded a tuition free education for each of his children, there was still the task of applying and actually receiving an acceptance letter from the university. It all began in 1998, when his oldest daughter Amy was accepted to the school. From then on, Vautour continued to work the overnight shift at Robsham Theater throughout his children's collective years as undergraduates.

Featured on CBS This Morning, CBS Evening News, and Fox News, Frank and his family have gained some deserved attention for their inspiring story. In an interview on CBS Evening News, Frank shared that he still keeps Amy's acceptance letter on his wall. "Me and my wife struggled through a lot of years, but seeing that made it all worthwhile."

“I would like to thank my father for providing me and my siblings with such an amazing opportunity," said Alicia Vautour in response to her father's dedication. "He is such a selfless man and a dedicated worker, and these traits have always inspired me and my siblings to hold these wonderful qualities as well.”

As all five of the Vautour children completed their time at BC, they emulated the traits their mother and father exhibited in their sacrifice, which motivated them to exceed normal expectations. “I think that what my father did always motivated me to work harder in school. I think one of the best ways to thank my Dad for what he provided for us was to excel in sports and academics,” Vautour stated. “We all strived to make both my father and mother proud.”

After graduation, Alicia intends on seeking out a nursing job in the Boston area after she completes and passes her NCLEX exam. “From seeing the success of my siblings, I know that being a BC alum will benefit me. BC leads you to amazing connections and networks which opens doors for even bigger opportunities”.  

Despite the absence of his children on the Boston College campus, Frank Vautour intends on continuing his work as a custodian and does not plan on leaving BC anytime soon.

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