Photo courtesy of BC Dining

BC Dining's Award-Winning Tapas

A culinary news and business magazine, Food Managementhas recently awarded BC Dining Service’s Tapas station with “Best Menu” as part of its 2016 Best Concept Awards.

The Tapas program debuted as a part of the dinner selection at Stuart Dining Hall on Newton Campus in response to students requesting items in smaller portions. Pulled pork and apple sliders, edamame-spiced puree, seared scallops with mango and strawberry salsa, and banana fritters with Nutella are just a few of the items featured on this award-winning menu.

Based on these updated menu items, it is evident that there is a lot of room for individual cooks—including 2015 Line Cook of the Year Keze Whitlowto translate their personal experience and style into the small dishes they create.

“We have not limited our team with any specific flavor profiles but encourage them to be creative and authentic and not be afraid of the dish being too spicy,” says BCDS Director Beth Emery. “Students have shown that they are willing to try new food that is adventurous and perhaps different from what they are accustomed to eating. We are incredibly lucky to have a very talented culinary team and we want to inspire them to continue to showcase and share their talents with the BC students and community.”

The BC Dining Test Kitchen, which exists to encourage the culinary innovation of BC Dining team members, was behind the creation of the Tapas program. This program has proven to have an impact that extends beyond the Tapas menu.

The roll out of BC Test Kitchen last year has increased the number of new menu options that we now offer to the BC community across the campus, from our grab n go options to our bakery menu selections. This program has enabled our entire dining team to present their ideas for new culinary selections,” notes Emery. “And by testing these items, we can collect student feedback before adding it to our menu. We are adding more than 100 new menu selections this semester that were BC Test Kitchen items last school year.”

Stuart Dining Hall’s Production Manager Pedro Garcia and Line Cook Keze Whitlow explain a few of the BC Test Kitchen dishes they make in this “Kitchen Confidential” video.

Some of the other dishes BC Test Kitchen has come up with include the Avocado Toast at McElroy, the Tuscan Grilled Chicken on Focaccia at cafe 129, the Roasted Veggie Panini at Hillside Cafe, and the Fish Tacos with Corn Salsa and Chipotle Sauce at Corcoran Commons.

We are very proud of our team at BC Dining and thrilled that they have received this wonderful recognition,” remarks Emery. “Our major focus for the year was culinary innovation and our Tapas station was a great example of the creative ideas from our culinary staff.”

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