Tori Fisher / Gavel Media

The Weekly Diatribe: V9

The BC streets are lined with cars each day as students start to move in. Dorms are slowly filling up, and, come this weekend, campus will be packed, where the population will be about one quarter new. Exciting times are ahead! Until then, campus will sit, awaiting the arrival of its whole student body.

For anyone on campus right now—presumably overachievers with their clubs and organizations and such, though I’m not quite sure—a word to the wise might be to get outside, enjoy the beauty of our campus while it’s still quiet and fresh. Stokes lawn is untrodden, dorms are newly cleaned or newly grand-opened, and there’s no gum on the underside of chairs and tables in O’Neill (I hope).

In addition, one of BC's biggest eyesores—Edmonds—has now left us. It’s hard to decide if Edmonds looked better last spring or now, as it is being torn down, piece by piece, steel and concrete piling up near the Mods. On the other end of campus, the lucky residents of CoRo get to wake up to the sound of birds chirping combined with heavy construction right outside their windows. It’s almost as if the beginning-of-school-year construction is concentrated around the returning students' dorms…what do they need to be impressed for anyway, right?

So, before anyone else arrives, walk around and take in the sights of a quiet campus in late summer—don’t stray too far from the central academic quads, though. If it’s not an area prospective students will see or a space that is used for campus photo shoots, chances are it may literally be crumbling right now.

“The jackhammers are interfering with my singing...” - Bird who lives in a tree outside of Williams

“They let me stay for the summer!” - Edmonds (recently deceased)

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