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BC Dining to Implement New Initiatives

From Mac and Eagles to Lower and Hillside, the Heights provides an abundance of dining options for its students. Starting this year, Boston College Dining plans to initiate a variety of new menu items in order to improve students’ overall dining experience.

Eagle’s Nest, which has undergone a number of renovations over the past few months, will not only be debuting “harmony bowls” -- a new menu item that includes quinoa, kale, and veggies-- but will also be revealing new furniture, including booths, tables, and chairs.

The Rat has also undergone aesthetic renovations over the summer, and will now allow for faster service and provide state-of-the-art décor for students. The popular dining hall will also feature a “Shake it Up” salad bar station as a new option. The Chocolate Bar will continue its extended hours and sandwich offerings into the fall semester, and will also feature some new “Test Kitchen” items for students to sample. 

BC Dining also plans to offer sushi as a new dining option this year, which will be available at either Mac or Lower each week. As far as other exciting updates are concerned, the Hillside Cafe on Lower Campus will have an up-and-running Starbucks this year.

Out of all of the dining halls, Lower will be experiencing the most updates in regards to food. In addition to sushi, Lower Dining Hall will offer a variety of vegan pizza options throughout the semester as well as a new station called the “Cheesy Tom,” which will feature several creative and innovative grilled cheese options. These options include the cheesy donut, the mac & cheese grilled cheese, the cheesy hippie, and many more.

"We are excited about the new school year; our entire team takes the task of feeding students very seriously and we want them to be happy,” said Elizabeth Emery, Director of Dining Services. “We hope that a student will reach out to our dietitian if they have a special medical nutritional need so we can work together to meet their needs.”

"If a student is having difficulty navigating the dining halls or managing their dining dollars, reach out to any of our managers for support. We welcome input from the students about our new options and encourage feedback via our website, social media sites, or directly with one of our managers in the dining halls."

BC Dining has also started working on the Menus of Change University Research Collaborative in addition to working on new menus and renovating the University’s dining halls. The main goal of Menus of Change (MOC) is to provide food that is “healthy, sustainable and delicious.” Dining services will be hosting a “Culinary Showcase” featuring recipes that meet goals of the Menus of Change initiative on Wednesday, September 14, in the main dining halls: Stuart Hall, Carney at McElroy Commons, and Lower Live at Corcoran Commons.

The 24 tenets of the MOC initiative strive to promote healthier alternatives to processed foods, vegetable-focused menus to reduce the strain on the environment, and delicious that do not compromise on flavor.

MOC and BC Dining will be working together throughout the year to launch new initiatives. The month of September will feature fresh, seasonal, local, and global foods. Through this initiative, BC will be able to partner with farms in Massachusetts and New England in a mutually beneficial relationship. Students will be able to enjoy the freshest produce while the University sponsors and supports locally grown food.

Keeping in line with the initiatives to be presented in September, each month will see the introduction of more healthy and sustainable options on the BC Dining menu. These new-and-improved options will stem from an increased nutritional focus on vegetables, plant oils, natural sugars, healthy fats, and omega-3 fatty acids, and will be featured in a plethora of delicious menu items that implement fresh ingredients.

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