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The first few weeks of freshman year are a whirlwind, but don’t let the stress of new friends and a heavy workload distract you from what’s really important: making sure that you’re eating the best food on campus. Boston College’s acclaimed dining program certainly has its standouts, so don’t be that freshman caught eating pizza and cereal for every meal. Step up your foodie game with this handy-dandy list of the best eats on BC’s campus:

New England Classic panini @ Hillside

A Boston College staple, the New England Classic panini is iconic for a reason. This hot, pressed sandwich is stuffed with turkey, cheese, honey mustard, and Granny Smith apples—don’t forget the cranberry bread, of course. On the side, be sure you say yes to the pickle and ‘frips,’ a beautiful blend of chewy french fries and crunchy potato chips. Take one bite and we assure that you’ll understand the hype.

Giant cookies @ Hillside

These cookies, served at Hillside Cafe on Lower Campus, are the size of your face and come in a variety of classic flavors. However, they are no ordinary cookies—these puppies are the perfect balance of crispy and chewy and absolutely fantastic. And, for whatever reason, they’re way better than the Chocolate Bar ones that look almost identical, so don’t let yourself get lured in by the imposters.

Tuscan Chicken sandwich @ Eagle’s

Hand-prepared by Maria, a BC Dining employee and a bit of a celebrity on campus, the Tuscan Chicken sandwich is the perfect lunch option if you’re hitting Eagle’s Nest after class. Skip the endless salad line and snag this balsamic-glazed chicken sandwich, loaded up with fresh mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, and pesto.

Honey Q wrap @ Mac

With its proximity to classes on Main Campus, Mac is a heavily-frequented lunch spot by freshies and upperclassmen alike. Make sure to try out the Honey Q wrap when you see it on rotation—filled with ranch, lettuce, and honey BBQ chicken, this wrap is certain to become your new favorite go-to (for wing lovers: try the Shuffle Off to Buffalo wrap instead for a bold and intense hot wing flavor).

Screaming Eagle steak-and-cheese sandwich @ Mac

Deemed “excellent” and “bulletproof” by the New York Times, the Screaming Eagle is not your ordinary sub. Loaded up with steak, cheese, chipotle mayo, peppers, onions, and mushrooms, this sandwich packs a punch and is a well-loved student favorite.

Mac Attack @ Mac

This heart-attack-in-a-tray is a rite of passage for all BC students, loaded up with mozzarella sticks, chicken tenders, onion rings, and french fries. Served only at Late Night, this meal will be your savior after long, studious hours in the library or long, not-so-studious hours in the Mods.

Acai Bowls @ Addie’s

Addie’s Loft on Lower Campus serves up plenty of fresh, locally-sourced food throughout the day—however, make sure to run down early to catch their tasty and nutritious acai bowls at breakfast. These smoothie bowls can be topped with an array of seeds, cereals, and other tasty add-ins. (Insider’s tip: sometimes Mac serves these at lunchtime, so keep your eyes peeled and your stomachs ready.)

Flatbread pizza @ Addie’s

Take one bite of these flatbread pizzas and you won’t think of dinner the same way ever again. Totally customizable and insanely delicious, you can load up your flatbreads with a vast array of toppings, from goat cheese to apple slices and everything in between. Pair with a creamy Addie’s milkshake and you’re set for life—or at least until the next meal.

Veggie Burger @ Addie’s

Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or a true-blooded carnivore, the Addie’s Veggie Burger will speak to your tastebuds like no other burger patty ever could. Packed full of flavor and masterfully paired with a Greek tzatziki sauce, this tasty burger can either be served on a bun or as a crumble over your salad or flatbread.

Tapas @ Stuart

You won’t want to miss these award-winning menu items, including pulled pork and apple sliders, edamame-spiced puree, seared scallops with mango and strawberry salsa, and banana fritters with Nutella. Debuted last year as a BC Dining Test Kitchen special, these tapas are fresh, delicious, and exclusive to Stuart dining hall on Newton Campus.

Mac & Cheese @ The Rat

Seated in the basement of Lyons Hall, right in the heart of campus, the Rat is a great spot to study or grab a quick bite to eat between classes. Only on Thursdays, however, do they serve their famous mac & cheese. Be sure to get there early to beat the crazy lines (insider’s tip: if you miss out on Thursday, sometimes they’ll serve leftovers on Friday).


Let’s be real, this is the actual reason why we’re getting up for those 9 ams. Found in the bakery section of every dining hall on campus, BC Dining cranks out some delicious muffins that are the perfect brain food on early mornings. Be sure to try some student favorites, like pumpkin, chocolate chip, and corn.

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