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Perfecting Your Class Schedule: Post-Registration

Choosing your freshman class schedule is undoubtedly a nerve-wracking experience. Although it is typical to leave orientation even more confused about your class schedule and interests than when you entered, here are a few tips and resources to help guide you.

BC Peps

BC Peps is an invaluable resource to choosing classes that many students underutilize. BC Peps is a website run by UGBC that allows you to search a particular professor and course and gives a comprehensive review provided by your peers. Students discuss professors’ strengths, weaknesses, and choose whether or not they recommend the course. As a freshman, BC Peps is particularly useful because you may not know any upperclassmen to ask about a particular professor. However, it is important to remember that one student’s opinion may completely differ form your own, so take each review with a grain of salt.


Thankfully, BC doesn’t expect its students to have their schedules set in stone right upon arrival. The first day of classes until September 7th is what is known as “add/drop period.” During this week, students are free to change their schedules as they please. Many students hold off on buying books for classes until add/drop period is over, so they know for certain the classes they will be taking.

Although add/drop sounds great, there is a slight catch—the difficult part of this process is the actual getting in and out of various classes, as many of the desirable classes at BC fill up very quickly. That being said, it is definitely possible to get stuck in a class you don’t enjoy. Also, if  a particular class you are interested in is full, don’t hesitate to email the professor and asked to be placed on a waiting list for the course.


Another helpful resource during class registration is EagleScribe, an app created by BC students available on the App Store and Google Play. EagleScribe allows you to search all BC classes and receive push notifications when the classes you want open up. So if there is a currently-full course you are trying to get into, EagleScribe will save you from having to constantly monitor UIS, and will notify you the exact moment it opens up, allowing you to register for the course as soon as possible.


By this time, you are probably vaguely familiar with BC’s ancient course registration software, UIS. UIS is available for download on BC’s website. All you need to log into UIS is your BC username and password, and once you get the hang of using the software, navigating it becomes easy and straightforward. BC IT Services provides a comprehensive guide to registering for classes on UIS on its website.

Academic Advisor

Although as a freshman you only receive an academic advisor a few days before classes begin, it is critical to respond to your advisor’s attempts to reach out to you. Many freshmen’s advisors are not necessarily in their major, but your advisor can provide you insight on courses and professors that no one else can. When you meet with your advisor, be prepared to discuss your future, the University Core requirements, extracurricular interests, and your major. It is important to continue to meet with your advisor periodically throughout the semester as well to discuss midterms, progress, or any questions you may have.