Photo courtesy of Dominic Alves / Flickr

UGBC Votes to Pass Resolution on Campus LGBTQ Resource Center

Tonight, members of UGBC’s Student Assembly voted to pass a resolution on behalf of an on-campus LGBTQ Resource Center.

While the resolution was not a proposal of exact logistics, it affirmed UGBC’s commitment to recognizing and supporting Boston College’s LGBTQ community, formally calling on the University to establish an official resource center.

Class senator Connor Kratz, MCAS ‘18, headed the project by giving a presentation to his co-members on the need for such a place on campus.

“I just thought it was finally time to formally present UGBC’s stance on the issue and create a tangible path for moving forward and working with the administration,” he said. “Many students have recognized that we need an official space for students to come together, a culmination of all the resources available for LGBTQ students that is visible and accessible to the entire student body.”

The tentative LGBTQ Resource Center will function in a way similar to that of the Women’s Center or the Thea Bowman AHANA and Intercultural Center, providing LGBTQ students with a space to come together in community, as well as with a more structured centralization of resources and a body that is able to procure events and programming on an institutional level.

Senators in opposition brought up concerns with the resolution being too confrontational to the administration and not focusing enough on logistics.

Going forward, Kratz says the next step is organizing a steering committee composed of students and willing-administrators to create a formal proposal that establishes project specifics.

“Logistics is a conversation that is going to be had with the administration,” he says. “This initial resolution is to affirm UGBC’s commitment to the student body, and our commitment to moving forward, and doing all that we can to make this vision possible.”

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