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On-Campus Club Seeks to Better Student Life

If you have ever grabbed a free copy of The Boston Globe or The New York Times in one of Boston College’s dining halls, then you have enjoyed one of the many services the Quality of Student Life Committee (QSLC) provides for BC students.

As president of the QSLC, Joe Flynn, MCAS ’17 is the primary contact for the Globe and the Times and manages the number of papers that are delivered to the BC campus. Flynn has been a member of the Committee since his freshman year. He has worked with his E-board to improve the QSLC and its impact on student life. While Flynn’s time on the Committee began four years ago, the QSLC has served BC students for about 30 years.  

The QSLC exists thanks to a freshman attending BC in the ‘80s who “wanted to be active in giving a student voice to administrators and enhancing the student experience,” explains Flynn. He adds, “We have since grown and now provide a way to act on this mission statement and improve student life, even if it is a small [way].”

The main objective of the QSLC is to bring about change on campus and improve the student experience by meeting with BC administration such as ResLife, Dining, the Career Center, and more. The QSLC also provides a forum for students to voice their opinions and gives students the opportunity to put their ideas into action. One such improvement, enacted a few years ago, was the creation of the coffee and dessert spread offered in the libraries during finals week.

A more recent improvement includes QSLC's working alongside the long-standing efforts of UGBC and with Scott Cann, Technology Director of Support Services at BC, to achieve the addition of printers in Corcoran Commons. The committee also gave feedback to Cann on issues with the BC Wi-Fi and helped with the transition to Eduroam. Additionally, the QSLC has many plans in the works for the future.

The QSLC hopes to meet with the Department of Transportation and Parking at BC to explore the idea of heat lamps at the bus stops. They are also suggesting the addition of a bus stop at St. Ignatius Church, especially with the recent increase in people traffic going to and from the new dorm building.

The committee has also looked into the area of study abroad. Flynn states, “We also have a collaborative initiative we hope to start with OIP to [increase] student-to-student contact so people can be more informed by past program-goers.” Such an initiative would be well received by those BC students planning to study abroad.

On theme with student-to-student advice, QSLC has plans to create “a project to give incoming freshman students some practical advice when they first arrive on campus; we hope to work with ResLife to give this to them.”

As for current news, the QSLC will host Patrick Healy of the New York Times this Wednesday, Oct. 12. Healy will speak about the current presidential election at 7 p.m. in McGuinn 121. Healy is just one of the many New York Times speakers that the QSLC works to have talk at BC.

While the QSLC does all this and more for BC students, Flynn suggests that the QSLC is also “special in part because we are very welcoming and receptive. I remember joining my freshman year… I stayed because I liked the other members and felt like I belonged. I have since seen QSLC do great things for this school, via meeting with the administration, and for its members, by giving them a purpose and a reason to look forward to Mondays.”

The committee meets every Monday at 8 p.m. in Gasson 209, and Flynn posits that “our meetings are meant to be shorter and very informal so don’t be afraid to come!” If you do not have the opportunity to attend a meeting, you can visit and join the newly created Quality of Student Life Committee (QSLC) Facebook page.

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