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A Closer Look at Boston's Haunted Happenings

You know what time of year it is: The pumpkin-spice craze has returned.

Whether or not we choose to indulge in the proliferation of products offered in the fall—like scents, lattés, and decorative gourds, to name a few—there is one contentment we will not ignore: Halloween. Say goodbye to creepy clown sightings and say hello to Boston’s haunted happenings!

It's true, the city of Salem is seen as the Halloween capital of Massachusetts—a place where witch trials and strange happenings once were the norm. Naturally, tourists want to visit its outdoor markets, museums, and guided-tours during the month of October. Yes, it is highly recommended, but people often forget about the abundance of holiday festivities hosted right in Boston. If you want to avoid a long drive to a crowded town, check out The Gavel's guide to Halloween in the city!

Boston’s Fall Foliage ~ The Boston Common & Public Garden

Before partaking in spooky activities, one must appreciate the sprawling foliage encasing Boston’s parks and greeneries. Brimming with yellow, red, and orange hues, the city’s changing leaves will make you stop in your tracks. While there are numerous locations, the Boston Common and the Public Garden is a mecca for the best fall foliage tour with its concentrated area of trees and shrubbery. The Public Garden also hosts oriental Japanese maple trees, a majority of which change in color early. Thus, if you are overly excited for autumn’s spectacular foliage, this is the first place you should go.

Dorothy’s Boutique ~ Hynes Convention Center

Dress-up time. Have you picked out your Halloween costume this year? Are you struggling to choose between ten different ideas or becoming increasingly concerned about where you are going to find the elaborate materials you need to construct your outfit? Have no fear; Dorothy’s Boutique is here. Regardless of your progress in the ongoing search for the perfect Halloween guise, Dorothy’s is worth a visit.  Located right off the green line and coining itself as “Boston’s Halloween Headquarters,” Dorothy’s is a family-owned boutique founded in 1947 and still retains much of its charm. This gem has a plethora of eclectic outfits and accessories to choose from, including blood-covered fangs, Star Wars storm troopers, and questionable-looking masks of presidential candidates, including Donald Trump (a guaranteed popular pick this Halloween season).

Granary Burying Ground ~ Tremont Street

Dating back to the Puritan-era of the 1600s, the Granary Burying Ground holds remnants of historical revolutionary figures like Paul Revere, the graves of three signers of the Declaration of Independence (Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and Robert Treat Paine), as well as the five Boston Massacre victims. Plus, just around the corner is the King Chapel Burying Ground. Upon visiting, one may amusingly hear the Duck Boat Tour-driver passing by enthusiastically announce,“This here is Boston’s oldest cemetery folks!” Old indeed, the first person buried in the graveyard dates back to 1630. This is the perfect place to explore spooky history among the skulls and crossbones engraved in the chalky, withering tombstones.

Side note: It would be wise to look out for the legendary ghost of the hung Captain Kidd meandering through the cemetery…

Halloween Pet Parade ~ Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Who said we had to exclude our most loyal companions from these celebratory occasions? This year's event already occurred, but it sounds like one to bookmark for the future. It features costumed pets walking side-by-side throughout Faneuil Marketplace and games for dogs and humans alike (bobbing for dog toys certainly sounds entertaining), ensuring a good time for both you and your pet. Prizes will also be distributed for the most creative and best-dressed pet costumes!

Rise of the Jack O’Lanterns ~ Seaport Lane

Debuting for the first time in Boston, witness the iconic display of 5,000 hand-carved and illuminated Jack O’Lanterns on an arranged walking path set to a musical score. It is the ultimate Halloween experience. Some of this year’s pumpkin-carved themes include Disney characters and a special celebration for the 50th anniversary of It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. In addition to the magnificent display, the walk will feature live pumpkin-carving stations and giant multi-pumpkin structures. This exclusive experience is one of the only Jack O’Lantern events in the entire continent that brings together hundreds of artists for two days of uninterrupted pumpkin-carving fun!

The event will take place October 27 from 6:00p.m - 10:30 p.m. and October 28-30 from 10:00 a.m. - 10:30 p.m.

Tickets can be purchased here.

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