Alex Krowiak / Gavel Media

Office of Student Involvement Oversees Renovation of Carney Hall

The Office of Student Involvement made major renovations to Carney Hall’s second floor this summer to create additional space for the arts.

In recent years, significant changes have been made to Carney to shift its purpose towards students’ interests and needs. Three years ago, the first floor transitioned into a space dedicated to Student Organizations, featuring meeting rooms, a computer room, multiple student organization informal spaces, as well as the OSI offices.

Following these improvements, this summer’s renovations answered the need for students to easily “find space on campus to hold rehearsals, practice music or dance, auditions, etc.,” explains OSI Director Gus Burkett.

OSI has worked to repurpose the second floor to meet such needs. Additions to the second floor include two piano/musical instruments rehearsal rooms, a dance studio, and three sound proof multi-purpose rooms. Carney 203 has also been renovated into a gallery and studio space.

These new spaces serve as a tremendous resource for student organizations and the BC community at large. Burkett details how “groups now have access to dedicated space that they can use for a variety of activities.” Still, Carney’s official role is not as a student center, but the focus of the space is surely shifting towards responding to student interests.

The Carney Gallery, which is open to all BC students, faculty, and staff to use for exhibits by submitting a programming request, currently features an exhibition by part-time Professor in the Art, Art History, and Film Studies Departments, Ben Sloat. His text-based multimedia exhibit, "Late Capital," uses a range of mixed media to address our current sociocultural climate.

Moving forward, OSI is continuing its work in Carney to repurpose the building so that it is fit for students’ needs.

Students can book rooms by either visiting Carney 147 or by calling the OSI offices at 617-552-3480. The office is open daily from 7 am to midnight.